Kalamera Freestanding Slim 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator


An under counter wine fridge is perfect to keep your refreshments chilled to the precise temperature and ready to open whenever you want a glass. The small wine fridge can make it possible for you to have several bottles of wine on hand, and have all of the bottles chilled and ready to consume.

If you are still icing wine in a bucket of ice then you know that the time between putting the wine in the bucket, and the time that you can drink the wine can vary by several minutes. When one bottle is empty if you want another bottle chilled you have to begin the chilling process all over again. The Kalamera 28 bottle wine cooler takes the waiting out of enjoying a glass of chilled wine. Kalamera Freestanding Slim 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

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Features I love about this 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

LED Interior Lighting

Whenever I am ready to get a bottle of wine out of the cooler the LED lighting provides me the ability to identify the bottle I want without harming the wine inside the bottles.


This wine cooler will hold twenty eight bottles of my favorite wines. That means I can take advantage of sales when I find them. Kalamera Freestanding Slim 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator

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Low Vibrations

I never have to worry that my wine is being shaken up, or that the sediment in the bottles is being disturbed because this wine cooler has very little vibration when it is in operation. It is quiet, and your wine bottles do not rattle or move on the shelves.

Bottles can fit on Shelves Both Ways

Some people like their wine bottle necks sticking out and other people would prefer that the bottom of the bottle be showing. The shelves allow you to place the bottles in either direction.

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  • Small wine fridge that does not take up much space
  • Easy to set temperature
  • Easy to read temperature display


  • Door is not reversible
  • Slightly noisier than some other models
  • Shelves are too close together making it hard to get wine out

Final Words 

This under the counter wine fridge is perfect for small spaces like bedrooms, small apartments, or at the end of a kitchen bar. It holds plenty of bottles of wine so you always have an ample supply of your favorites on hand. I highly recommend this unit to anyone that wants to keep chilled wine in their home. 

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