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Why I Started the Under Counter Wine Fridge Page?

I am a small time wine collector. I guess you would say that I am strange because I like all types of red wines and all types of white wines. When I first began to collect wines I knew very little other than white meat should be accompanied by a white wine and red meats were served with red wines. That is pretty basic knowledge that might not always be so true.

Then I began to learn about the temperatures to serve wine at so that it would have the best flavor. I thought that all wines would be good cold, but I learned quickly that complex red wines should be served at close to seventy degrees, and that lighter red wines could be served chilled, but that white wines were to be served the coldest.

I researched wine coolers, under counter wine coolers, wine openers, and all manner of wine accessories to find what things were considered to be best, and then I started this site to share my new-found knowledge with others.

I wanted every wine drinker, from the occasional glass sipper, to the wine collectors, to find useful information compiled on one page that would enlighten them, inspire them, and be beneficial to them.


Under Counter Wine Fridge Mission

The mission of the Under Counter Wine fridge page is not to put a small wine cooler in every home. The mission is to provide factual information about these appliances and other accessories that wine lovers might want to know about so that wine lovers have the opportunity to make comparisons and buy the best appliances for their circumstances.

Each review and article is written to help further educate wine lovers, and help people learn about what products are available, and what features these products offer.

I want wine drinkers to know all they can know about the beverage. I strive to increase the number of people who know enough about wines that they can select their favorite varieties, their favorite blends, and can tell people why these wines make their favorite list.

I want red wine drinkers to break out of their comfort zone and sip a glass of white wine at its premium temperature so they can truly detect the fine nuances contained in the liquid.

I want white wine drinkers to sample red wines and find that they are not created equal, and that some of them are exceptional.


Our Statement

The purpose of the page is to introduce wine drinkers to new experiences and we want to make sure that every person has the opportunity to develop their own taste preferences. At under counter fridge we do not wish to come across as haughty, we want to bring our love of these fruitful beverages to you, and let you bring your experiences to us.

We want everyone that drinks wine to learn to love their wine. We want everyone that loves wine to have a passion for wine. We want everyone that has a passion for wine to know the latest products available to help them enjoy their wines. We want to compare the old style products with the new so that every wine connoisseur knows what has changed, and why it has made an improvement or not made an improvement in the world of wine drinkers.


Share Your knowledge

I would love to hear from any of my readers. I would like to hear your stories, experiences, preferences, and criticisms. Please go to my contact page and send me an email letting me know about what you have learned about your favorite wines, and wine accessories. I love to hear from my readers and I learn more from my readers than I ever will by doing product research.


Share Your Experience

At under counter fridge we know that each time you remove the cork from a bottle of wine it begins an experience for you. The aromas that waft from the liquid, the thoughts you have on the taste of the wine, and on the packaging, are all a part of that experience. Please feel free to share those experiences. Let others know about the moments you have had so they can have moments just as great.

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