Aervana Wine Aerator Review

Aervana Wine Aerator

There are many different compounds in wine that account for its fragrance and flavor. However, there are also some compounds included in wine that are necessary for its creation, but they don't taste or smell very nice. When you aerate a wine, you can reduce some of the unwanted compounds, like sulfites and ethanol, while enhancing the flavor and aroma of the compounds you do want. Aeration results in a wine that has fully opened up, allowing you to experience all the notes. The Aervana Wine Aerator is a product that has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its ability to instantly aerate your wine.

Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

If you are a lover of red wine, then you may already know it tastes best after it has had time to aerate. If you take a sip too soon, you might be put off by the taste or smell, leading you to unfairly judge a bottle, deeming it undrinkable. Another thing wine lovers have learned is that every wine takes a different amount of time to reach its perfect aeration level. So, how do you know when your red has fully opened up? When is it truly ready to drink or serve to your guests? If you want to eliminate all that guesswork and guarantee an instantly delicious taste experience, then it may be time to invest in an aeration tool, like the Aervana Wine Aerator.

Knowing what to look for in a wine aerator is essential for making the best purchase. There are so many options at different price points that it can be difficult to narrow them down. To assist you with this, we put together a list of some of the most popular wine aerators on the market (including the much-hyped Aervana Wine Aerator) and evaluated each of them based on the following factors: price, ease of use, aeration speed, design quality, warranty, and pros & cons.

If you are as curious as we were about the Aervana Wine Aerator, and want to learn more about the most popular wine aerators on our list, then keep on reading.

What Is the Aervana Wine Aerator?

The Aervana Wine Aerator is an attractive, electronic mini tap that attaches to your bottle of wine and dispenses an instantly delicious, aerated wine equivalent to an hour of decanting. This aerator consists of a tube that you attach to the body of the aerator before placing it over an open wine bottle. There is a push button on the top that when pressed, instantly aerates and dispenses your wine.

Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Product Specs

The Aervana is a wine aerator styled like a tap for your wine. When placed over the neck of any wine bottle it aerates your wine as it dispenses it, allowing you to experience the full flavor of your wine without having to wait for aeration to occur.

This wine aerator is made of silicone and polished stainless steel. It runs on 6 AAA batteries, which are included. You should be able to aerate 200 bottles of wine before having to replace them.

Aervana is easy to set up and easy to clean. As it is an electric aerator, you should be careful not to immerse the Aervana in water.

One set of batteries will aerate over 200 bottles of wine.


The Aervana Wine aerator can be purchased on Amazon. It can also be found on the Aervana website, various home goods stores, and wine specialty stores.

Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

How It Compares

We picked a few similar wine aerators available on the market to see how they compare to the Aervana Wine Aerator.

Aervana Original: 1 Touch Luxury Wine Aerator
  • INSTANT AERATION: With the push of a button perfectly aerated wine is delivered straight to your glass.
  • EASY: Fast, easy to use, and clean. No lifting, aiming, spilling, or waiting.
  • BEST IN CLASS: The Aervana process provides more air contact surface to speed oxidation than any other aerator.
Ease of Use

The Aervana Wine Aerator is relatively simple to assemble and use. To assemble the aerator, push the button on the back and twist and lift off the cap. You will then insert 6 AAA batteries, which are included. Replace the cap before attaching the aeration tube. Slide the tube into an opened bottle of wine. Push the Aervana down over the bottleneck. Next, hold your glass under the spout and push the button on top of the Aervana. The wine will dispense into your glass. You will see the bubbles in the wine that indicate aeration has occurred.

Cleaning is even easier than assembly. Just fill an empty wine bottle with water, attach the Aervana, and dispense the water into the sink. Then wipe the Aervana spout dry.


The aeration speed of the Aervana is instant. As the Aervana aerates while it dispenses, you will be ready to drink your aerated wine as quickly as you can assemble the product.

Design Quality

The aeration speed of the Aervana is instant. As the Aervana aerates while it dispenses, you will be ready to drink your aerated wine as quickly as you can assemble the product.


Aervana offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Their warranty is not clearly outlined on Aervana website, but it does mention their warranty covers manufacturing defects.


  • Tannins were softened
  • Notes of wine were more distinct
  • Easy to use


  • Wine leaks, causing battery corrosion
  • Straw connector broke off the unit for some users
Where to Buy


Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer - Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter...
  • Aerate Your Wine to Perfection Instantly - The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake...
  • Keep Your Tablecloth Safe from Wine Stains - The rubber stopper is tapered and ribbed to create a leak-free seal for...
  • Elegantly Designed and Made with Quality Materials - The Vintorio Aerating Pourer is manufactured with high quality...

The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer utilizes something called the "Bernoulli Effect" to aerate your wine. This is based on the Bernoulli principle, which states that as the speed of a liquid increases, the pressure within the liquid will decrease. To sum it up, the Vintorio will speed up the natural mixing of air and wine, allowing you to drink wine much more quickly due to instant aeration.

This aerator is made from FDA approved materials, which includes an acrylic pour spout that is designed to prevent drips while pouring. The rubber stopper is ribbed and tapered, which allows it to seal perfectly to almost any sized wine bottle.

Ease of Use

The Vintorio is easy to use and is comprised of three pieces: a clear pour spout, an air tube, and a black flow regulator. Just insert it into an opened bottle of wine with the pourer end pointing up. If you have any difficulty with insertion, you can wipe the rubber gasket with a damp cloth before insertion. Then pour your wine into a glass.

To clean the Vintorio, you can rinse it under warm water or disassemble the two components by gently twisting the clear pourer.

To reassemble the Vintorio, align the rectangular bumps on the spout with the grooves in the opening of the pour regulator. Gently twist clockwise to fasten them together, Finally, connect the air tube to the main unit.


The Vintorio instantly aerates your wine, as the aeration process occurs while you are pouring.

Design Quality

The design quality of the Vintorio is fairly basic, without the bells and whistles of some of the other wine aerators on this list. However, it gets the job done.


This product comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.


  • Flavors are softened
  • Cheaper wine tastes more expensive
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning


  • Leaked for some users
  • Difficult to put back together after disassembly
Where to Buy


The Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator has an overwhelming amount of five-star reviews on Amazon. It utilizes a three-step patented aeration process to rapidly open up the full flavor potential of your red wine. The umbrella at the top of the funnel results in a high level of oxygenation in the wine, as indicated by the bubbles we observed.

Due to this aerator's design, you will want to pour carefully or you might splash on your clothing.

Ease of Use

The Vinluxe comes with the aerator and a stand. The aerator unit itself comes fully assembled. Simply hold the unit over and slightly inside your wine glass, and pour your wine into the top of the aerator.

To clean the Vinluxe, simply hold the unit underneath a stream of warm water to flush it out.


The Vinluxe is designed to instantly aerate and open up the flavor of your wine as it pours.

Design Quality

The Vinluxe design is sleek and attractive. It is a clear, cylindrical component made of heavy acrylic with black accents.


The Vinluxe Pro comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


  • No assembly required
  • Reasonably priced
  • Attractively designed


  • Splashes
  • Not dishwasher safe
Where to Buy


Vinturi Red Wine Aerator Includes Base Enhanced Flavors with Smoother...
  • Accelerate a wine’s aeration process with the Vinturi Red Wine aerator
  • The Vinturi Red Wine aerator features patented technology and a stylish, yet classic look
  • A must-have for entertaining, the Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is perfect for quickly aerating an entire bottle of wine, or...

The Vinturi V1010 Essential Red Wine Aerator utilizes a patented internal design to decrease the pressure of the wine and increase its velocity. This results in the optimum mixture of air and wine for the perfect amount of time, resulting in instantly enhanced flavors and mellowed tannins.

The Vinturi is an attractively designed and comes with a no-drip stand and filter screen.


When you're looking for a wine aerator that will meet your needs there are a few key things to look for. Ultimately, most effective wine aerators are going to introduce the proper amount of oxygen into your wine, and they will accomplish this while they are dispensing. The aerator should not be needlessly complicated or involve a lot of assembly. Of course, it should also be reasonably priced. Beyond that, there are so many different styles and features of wine aerators that it really comes down to your own unique preference.

Many people have been enjoying the Aervana Wine Aerator as it does hit all the key points we just mentioned, aside from its price.

After taking a close look at all the wine aerators on this list, we believe that the Aervana Wine Aerator is a great choice compared to some of the other most popular aerators on the market today. The Aervana is attractive to look at, with its polished stainless steel and black accents and is easy to assemble and clean. The Aervana also instantly aerates your wine, resulting in enhanced flavor notes and softened tannins. We love that one set of 6 AAA batteries will aerate 200 bottles of wine.

Our only gripe is that it would have been nice to see an extended warranty for the Aervana Wine Aerator, especially since it has electronic components inside. Thirty days really isn't sufficient as a warranty. The Aervana is also significantly more expensive than the other wine aerators on this list. However, the Aervana has an impressive amount of positive reviews. If you enjoy using the product and find it effective, then this may offset the initial cost.

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