AKDY Dual Zone Thermoelectric Stainless Steel 21 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler


Some people do not know that red wines that are not very complex, like Merlots, should be served at a drinking temperature between fifty and sixty six degrees Fahrenheit. White wines should be kept slightly cooler. The best temperature for white wines is between forty four and sixty six degrees.

Your average refrigerator will not allow you to keep your wines at the precise temperatures, but this dual zone wine chiller will allow you to keep the reds and the whites at the temperature that is perfect for them. AKDY Dual Zone Thermoelectric Stainless Steel 21 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

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Features I Love about this Freestanding Wine Cooler

Seven Wooden Racks

The seven wooden racks of this wine cooler hold your wine bottles so that the corks do not dry out and allow air to reach the liquid.

Dual temperature Zones

This wine cooler allows you to keep 6 bottles at one temperature and another fifteen bottles at another temperature. Since red wines should be served at warmer temperatures than white wines this is an awesome feature. AKDY Dual Zone Thermoelectric Stainless Steel 21 Bottle Freestanding Wine fridge

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Double Paned Glass

This cooler has two panes of glass on the door. The two panes of glass allow air to be trapped between the panes and that air works like an insulator o help the interior of the unit maintain the perfect temperature.


I like the fact that the company trusts their product. This cooler comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer against defects.


  • LED Lighting
  • Stainless steel door
  • Freestanding
  • Removable racks
  • Does not vibrate


  • Door is not reversible
  • Shelf room is tight and you sometimes have to pull the shelf below the one you want open so that you can get the bottle of wine you want out
  • Made for only 750 ml bottles

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Final Words 

The majority of dual zone wine coolers have an equal number of positions for white and red wines. I happen to like red wine more than I like white wine so the fact that this cooler would be able to accommodate more red wines than white wines was a big selling point for me. I love that the temperature inside the cooler remains constant with almost no fluctuation. That allows my wines to stay at the perfect temperature. The unit is very quiet and does not disturb us, or our guests. It also does not vibrate and cause the wine sediment to be shaken up. I simply love this cooler.   

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