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Kalamera 15 Inch Built in Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Single Zone with Touch Control

Kalamera Wine Cooler 30 Bottle with Touch Control, The best product launched by kalamera ever. Touch control makes it more sophisticated. There was a time not too long ago when only wealthy people entertained the thought of buying built in wine coolers, but today with the compact sizes, the affordable prices, and the versatility of the […]

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Where to Buy a Wine Cooler

If you are like me and live in a small town that has a limited number of places where you can shop you might ask, “ Where to buy a wine cooler ”. You might also ask that question if you live in large towns, because these appliances are not always readily available at every […]

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How does a Wine Cooler Work?

A lot more people would purchase wine refrigeration systems if the people understood these systems better. The following questions are frequently asked by people who are wondering, “How does a wine cooler work”. Is a Thermoelectric Cooler better than a Compressor Powered Unit? When you are reading the reviews on wine fridges you will see […]

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What is the Perfect Temperature for Wine?

If you are a new wine drinker then you may not know that different wines are stored at, and served at, different temperatures. Many people ask; “What is the perfect temperature for wine”, thinking that all wine is served at the same temperature. Your temperature will depend on the type of wine you are serving, […]

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How to Use a Wine Cooler

If you have not yet had the experience of serving chilled wine directly from a wine fridge then you might want to consider the following tips on how to use a wine cooler. Chill Your Beverage An electric wine cooler allows you to chill your beverage to a temperature that will enhance the flavor of […]

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