Whynter BR-091WS Beverage Refrigerator with Lock, 90 Can Capacity, Stainless Steel

When I see an advertisement for a Beer Can Cooler for sale I try to determine if the unit has all of the features that I desire. I am pretty picky about how I spend my money, and I want to make sure that I am getting the best appliance for the amount of money that I am spending. This device exceeds all of my expectations and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for a mini fridge for their beverages.

whynter br 091ws beverage refrigerator with lock stainless steel

Things I Love about this Beer Can Cooler

The features of this unit convinced me that it is not a cheap beer fridge, even though the price you will pay for one of them is relatively low. This device has the best features you could want.

Temperature Range from Thirty Degrees to Sixty Degrees

You might not want to keep just beer in your beer refrigerator. You might want to keep wine, or soda, or some other refrigerated beverage. Red wines should be stored at about fifty-five degrees. White wines can be chilled to a temperature of forty degrees, while the beer is often chilled to a lower temperature, and soda is usually served very cold. The range on the thermostat in this appliance will allow you to store any beverage you choose in the unit.

Cylinder Lock with Two Keys

If you are placing your beer chiller in a room that has other people using it, like in an office, or in a shared dorm room, then you may want to be able to lock your appliance to stop people from helping themselves to your beverages. This feature is very handy if you have your beer can fridge in an office where a lot of people may have access to it.

whynter beverage refrigerator with lock

If you have the refrigerated appliance in your home you might not think that the locking cylinder will benefit you. The locking cylinder can keep children from gaining access to beverages that have alcohol in them. You can also keep your children from drinking more soda than they are supposed to have if you keep the door locked. Having two keys will mean that if you should lose a key there is always a back-up key t provide access to the refrigerator.

On and Off Switch for Interior Light

A beer fridge should have an interior light. Most people keep several different flavors of beverages inside the beer can coolers and an interior light helps you to see what beverage you are selecting. The problem is that LED lighting is used in most beer fridges because LED lights do not emit a lot of heat, and do not alter the temperature inside the appliance. LED lighting is very bright so when the lights are on inside the cabinet, and they shine through the clear glass panel on the door, the light can be bright enough to disturb people in the room, especially if the unit is kept in an area where someone sleeps. The on and off switch inside this appliance allows you to switch the light off when you want to, so no one is disturbed by the shining light.

beer can cooler

Three Slide Out Shelves

The shelving inside the refrigerated cabinet are all made of wire Wire shelves are easy to wipe down when you are cleaning your cabinet. They also support the weight of cans without damaging the beverage containers.

The shelves are designed on slides so they can pull out of the cabinet. With this feature, you can see the cans that are stored on the back portion of the shelf as easily as you can see the ones at the front of the shelf.

The top shelf will hold about fifteen standard twelve ounce beverage cans. The second shelf will hold about twenty five standard twelve ounce beverage cans. The third shelf will also hold about twenty-five twelve ounce beverage cans. If you have larger or smaller cans placed in the unit the number of cans that will fit on each shelf will be altered.

whynter beverage refrigerator stainless steel


  • Can hold ninety twelve ounce beverage cans
  • Mechanical temperature control adjusts from thirty degrees to sixty degrees
  • LED lighting inside cabinet
  • On and off switch for interior lighting
  • Stainless steel trimmed glass door
  • Sleek white cabinet
  • Recessed handle on door creates a flush front
  • Cylinder lock with two keys
  • Three slides out shelves
  • Fan forced air inside the cabinet to maintain temperature
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet while operating
  • Freestanding
  • Comes with power cord attached


  • the unit was not designed to be a built in appliance

Final Thoughts

This is an attractive appliance, and it is crafted from high-quality materials so it should last a long time without needing many repairs.

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