Best Beer Fridge Reviews 2017

A beer fridge gives you a space to store your cans of beer without taking up all of the space in your household refrigerator. In this page you will get the list of best beer fridge .

A beer chiller can be placed in your den, game room, dorm room, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere you might like to drink a cold one. These beer fridge reviews will hopefully help you to find the right beer fridge for your purpose.

Out of all of the beer coolers for sale I found that the following beer fridges had the best features and were the most likely to appeal to the majority of beer drinkers.

A beer bottle refrigerator should keep the containers of liquid below forty five degrees. I find that somewhere around forty three degrees is the perfect temperature for these drinks.

Best Beer Fridge 2017 Compared







Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Superconductor Beverage Cooler W/Mirrored Finish Glass Door

120 Can


19 x 17 x 20.2

danby dbc120bls beverage center stainless steel

120 Can


19.8 x 17.9 x 33.7

newair beverage cooler 84 can

84 Can


17 x 18.5 x 25.2

whynter beverage refrigerator with lock

90 Can


17 x 19 x 25.2

kalamera 150 can beverage refrigerator stainless steel



23.6 x 19.5 x 33

A cheap beer fridge may not keep your drinks as cold as you like them so I suggest you do not look for the cheap beer fridge, but instead read the beer chiller reviews, and select the beer bottle cooler that suits your needs depending on the features the unit has.

The following six beer fridges are all ones I would recommend to family and friends.

Best Beer Fridge Reviews By Experts

1. Whynter BR-091WS - Best Beverage Refrigerator

I immediately liked this beer refrigerator because it has the capacity to hold ninety cans of beer. That is enough beer for the majority of gatherings I will ever have in my home.

That is also a large enough mini refrigerator to let me take advantage of sales I might find on my favorite beer.

This small beer fridge can be used as a commercial showcase for your beverages in twelve ounce cans or it can be used as a home appliance. The unit has a sleek design and it will be attractive in any setting.

The cylinder lock on the door of this unit comes with two keys. This makes this beer cooler appropriate for keeping in a small commercial establishment, or in a home environment. The beer bottle fridge will keep your beverages cold enough for enjoyment and convenient to you in the location of your choosing.

It has soft lighting to illuminate the interior, and an easy to reach switch to control that lighting. It provides you everything you would want in a beer chiller either for home or commercial use.

This is a freestanding beer bottle refrigerator, but it will also work to store wine in. It can maintain temperatures between thirty degrees, and sixty four degrees, so it can keep wine chilled properly as well as beer or soda.

So, this is not only a beverage cooler, a perfect wine cooler as well. This stainless steel refrigerated cooling unit is a well constructed appliance that will serve you for a very long time.

I highly recommend this particular unit to my friends and family because it is made from some of the best materials available. This device will properly chill your beverage cans for a longer number of years because of the quality of the materials used in the construction of the device.

I like things that are built to last a long time because they save people money, and I am all about saving money every time that I can.

2. Igloo MIS1530 - Best Freestanding Beer Fridge

If you are looking for the best beer fridge then this is the perfect beer refrigerator to be placed in dorm rooms, shared apartments, and in recreation rooms. This beer cooler will hold thirty six standard 750ml bottles of wine, or one hundred and fifty cans of beer, or soda. The capacity this device has is large enough for it to provide a cold supply of soft drinks for a small restaurant, a small store, or a recreational center.

It can be stood on top of a counter so it is high enough for people to easily see the beverages that are stored inside it. It is small enough that it will not interfere with the flow of traffic getting ready to pay for their purchases so you could place it very close to the cash register and increase the sales on the beverages you display in it.

There are a few things that you should look for when you see beer coolers for sale. One of the features that will make one beer bottle fridge outshine another cooling device designed in the same way is the temperature controls, and display, the appliance has.

You want to be able to easily reach the temperature controls and you want a lighted display panel that will allow you to know the precise temperature inside the device at all times.

This beer bottle cooler has three glass shelves for holding the beverages inside. Glass shelves are easy to clean and look attractive inside the beer refrigerator. It also has the ability to stand alone so you do not need to add any bracing or support to keep the refrigerated cabinet from tipping over.

A lot of beer fridges that claim to be freestanding are top heavy and have a tendency to tip over, but this beer bottle fridgestands steady on any level surface.

3. NewAir AB-850 84 Can - Best Beer Fridge For Garage

This is the perfect small beer fridge to use in any commercial or residential setting. This beer bottle cooler is ETL listed and that gives you the assurance that the small beer refrigerator will operate safely, and that the beer cooler meets all of the necessary requirements for this type of appliance.

I keep saying small beer refrigerator, but this beer chiller has the ability to house eighty four twelve ounce soda cans.

Many beer coolers do not have adjustable shelving so you can only fit the standard twelve ounce can on their shelves, but this beer fridge has removable shelves so you can adjust them and then keep any size beverage container you want inside the refrigerated cabinet.

This beer cooler does have all of the features that make a best beer fridge handy to have. It has a clear glass door that allows you to see the contents, and it has a digital thermometer display at the top of the beer chiller that allows you to see the exact temperature inside the appliance.

It has safety glass on the door so no person will be severely injured if the door panel was to be broken. The safety glass on the door is required if you are going to use an appliance in your business because when safety glass breaks the pieces it creates are so small that they do not pose a life threat to any individual that comes into contact with them.

It is a freestanding beer refrigerator that does not have to be professionally installed. It has a power cord attached and does not have to be hardwired into the electrical circuitry of your home, or business. It plugs into a standard electrical socket. I like appliances that people can install, and operate on their own.

4. Kalamera 150 Can With Touch - Best Kalamera Beverage Cooler

There are a lot of beer coolers for sale today, but not all of those beer fridges have the same features, or the same ability to meet all of your cold beverage needs.

This particular mini fridge can chill your beverages to a temperature as low as thirty eight degrees or to a temperature as high as fifty degrees. That makes it possible for this beer chiller to chill beer and soda to perfection, or bottled water, or white wines.

The stainless steel cabinet of this beer refrigerator makes is attractive so that it can add an elegant to touch to any room décor. This beer bottle cooler will be at home in a commercial establishment, or in a private home, or in a church recreation room chilling soda and bottled water.

The capabilities and uses of this beer cooler are actually limitless.

The seamless glass door on this beer fridge allows you to view the contents without opening the door and letting any of the cold air out. People can view the contents, and select their beverage so they do not have to hold the door open while they decide.

That allows the beer bottle cooler to maintain a more constant temperature. There is also an LED light on the interior that will provide ample lighting so you can see to read the labels of any of the cans in the beer chiller.

This refrigeration system would work very well in a recreation center where people are playing sports games like basketball. We all know how thirsty we are after engaging in physical activity for a period of time and having a cold beverage handy would allow the game participants to cool down.

I believe that businesses could also benefit by placing this device, with the clear glass door, in their office recreation rooms. Employees could have cold beverages whenever they take their breaks.

The mirrored glass door of this small beer refrigerator makes it a unique appliance. The majority of beer fridges for sale have clear glass doors instead of a highly mirrored finish. This finish makes the small beer cooler attractive for placement in a home, a dorm, a bedroom, a kitchen, a recreation room, and office, or in an event center. There is a portion of the door that is translucent so you can view some of the contents.

This allows you to store your beverages, and maintain a greater sense of privacy about what you have inside the unit, than you would have if you have a mini fridge with a solid clear panel of glass for the door.

This refrigerated cabinet has an interior light that allows you to easily determine what beverage you are removing. This feature can be very handy when the appliance is being used in a dorm room. You will not have to turn the overhead lights of the room on in order to see what you are removing from the refrigerated cabinet.

There is a manual switch that controls the light. You can easily turn it off, or on, but the light does not automatically come on when the door to the unit is opened. I love the digital display of the internal temperature on the unit. I hate to have to try and read a regular thermometer inside a refrigeration unit.

I also detest units that allow you to increase, or decrease the internal temperature of the refrigeration box, but they do not have a display showing the temperature. With those units you have to simply guess as to what temperature the drinks are being kept at. The digital display provides clarity as to the actual temp inside the box.

I recommend this unit for people who want to place a refrigerated unit in their office. It is small, compact, and works great. You can keep the beverages you desire even if you have a small space to place the unit in.

6. Danby DBC120BLS - Best Refrigerator For Beer

This beer bottle fridge is capable of holding one hundred and twenty twelve ounce cans. That makes it a best beer fridge to place in small businesses as a display for cold drinks. It is small enough to be placed on a counter close to the register or check out point so people will not forget to buy their cold drink before they leave your establishment.

I know this is a beer bottle cooler, but that is only a name. You can store canned soda or water in this refrigeration center. That means that this device could easily be placed in youth centers at your church, or school, to hold cold drinks for the children.

The mechanical thermostat can be set between forty three degrees and fifty seven degrees. This unit is not designed to be used under a counter because the ventilation exhaust exits from the back side of the cabinet. To install one of these mini fridges under a counter you need the exhaust to be released from the front side of the device.

There is a lock on the front of this mini fridge so the contents can be protected. If you are storing beverages like beer that have alcohol in them a locking door insures that unauthorized persons never get a beverage out.

The lock also insures that the coolers that are placed in dorm rooms, or fraternity houses, allow only the person who has the key to remove any of the contents.

If you have children you know how quickly one hundred and twenty cans of any beverage can disappear. If you like to entertain you know that one hundred and twenty cans of drinks can be just the start of the party. I recommend this unit because it holds a large quantity of drinks, but also because it quickly chills the beverages, so you can add more drinks when you need to.

Best Beer Fridge Buying Guide

If you have decided to locate the best beer fridge for sale then there are a few things you should take into consideration before you make your final decision on which unit to purchase.

  • You need to consider the amount of money you have to invest on the refrigerated system. Do not start to look at the features of the units until you have decided what your budget for the appliance is. This will stop you from choosing a device and not being able to get it because of the price.
  • Measure the area where you want to place the refrigerated cupboard. Measure height, width, and depth, if you are placing the unit in a cabinet, or on top of a counter. If the unit is going in a cabinet you must choose one that has exhaust vents located at the front of the device. If the unit is going to be freestanding on a countertop it is best that you buy one that has adjustable legs.
  • If the unit will be in an area where the light from the sun may shine on it make certain the glass is colored, or has black matrix dots that will block out the ultra violet rays.
  • Buy a device with a digital display of the temperature inside the cabinet.
  • It is best if the interior light is an LED light because LED lights do not emit as much heat as some other types of light.
  • Make sure the unit you buy has a thermostat that will adjust to a temperature you want your beverages to be kept at. Not all mini fridges can maintain the same temperature.
  • Adjustable shelves allow you to customize the interior of the unit to hold the beverages you want to store.
  • Pay attention to the warranty information from the manufacturer, and the return policy of the supplier you purchase the unit from

Maintenance And Safety Tips For Beer Cooler

Once you have purchased a beverage cooler you will have to maintain that device in order to keep it working at its full potential. When you properly maintain these units they should last for many years.

You also want to make sure that you take every possible safety precaution so that you, and everyone exposed to your appliance, is as safe as possible.

  • If you are going to store beverages that have alcohol in them inside your mini fridge then it is recommended that you purchase a device that has a lock on it. The lock allows you to secure the contents from unauthorized samplers.
  • Plug these refrigerated units into an electrical outlet and not into an extension cord. You should never operate these appliances using an extension cord as part of the power supply. The extension cord can overheat and become a fire hazard.
  • If you are using the device under a cabinet make certain the ventilation is on the front portion of the unit. If the ventilation is located on the back of the unit the exhaust will not be able to escape and the unit may overheat.
  • Clean the interior of the device using cool water that has about one teaspoon of baking soda for each one half gallon of water. The baking soda helps to clean the interior of the unit, and it helps to neutralize odors in the box.
  • If you do not have a carbon filtration system inside the device you should use an open box of baking soda placed towards the back of the unit to absorb odors. Change these boxes of soda once a month for best results.
  • Make sure the device is standing on a level surface. If you place the item on top of a counter make sure the counter does not rock, or sway. You do not want the refrigerated cabinet to fall, and these units can be top-heavy, so you want the surface area they are placed on to be flat, smooth, and level.
  • Make certain you only by refrigerated cabinetry that has tempered glass, or safety glass on the doors.
  • Never use an appliance that has a cord that has been frayed, cut, or otherwise damaged.
  • Do not stack things on top of the refrigerated cabinet
  • Clean the glass doors with commercial glass cleaning products

How To Clean Your Beer Refrigerator

Make sure to clean your keg beer cooler regularly for good fresh tasting beer. Do you know that if you do not clear you Beer fridge regularly then you could end up with a mug full of foam! If not cleaned regularly, sediment can build-up which not only will cause foam, but contamination! Now, no one wants to drink a glass full of foam or a glass of bacteria!

Properly cleaning your beer cooler can also keep you from having to buy several replacement keg beer coolers. Read on about how to properly keep your cooler clean, which will ensure a pour of fresh tasting beer every time.

Do you know how often you are suppose to clean your beer refrigerator? Some people go months without cleaning theirs, but not only are you suppose to clean your fridge after each keg of beer, you are suppose to clean the beer lines after every party. When the beer lines get that much use, they need to be taken care of and cleaned. Actually, you should clean the beer lines before each party too.

You clean the whole house before you have guests over, make sure the most important thing at the party is cleaned as well. Especially, if you haven’t used the keg beer cooler in awhile. Yes, when the party is over and a few days have passed, you may not want to clean your keg, but do it anyway.

Regularly cleaning your beer cooler will help the keg of beer to stay fresh for months. When you want that beer after a long day, you will thank yourself. Now, you may be wondering if what type of cleaning solution should you use? Well, it does matter what you use.

Clean the cooler’s lines thoroughly, but make sure you know the proper way. There are many beer cleaning kits available just for this purpose. Make sure you only use cleaning chemicals that are specially made for cleaning beer lines. If you don’t, then the cleaning solution may not get rid of the mold, bacteria build-up, yeast, and beer stone.

Make not to use any abrasive cleaners on your beer lines. Abrasions, little scratches, and rough spots on the inside of beer lines can cause the beer to foam! Foam is no good. We all want a perfect beer with just that right amount of head. So make sure to use special cleaners for beer lines. Once you find a good beer line cleaner, just follow the instructions on the packet.

After you are done cleaning the keg beer cooler’s lines, you need to sanitize them. You can do this by using an air pump to pump the cleaner solution through the beer lines and then flush them with water. You may want to repeat this process twice to ensure they are thoroughly clean. And then you may want to flush the lines one more time with water, just to make sure no chemical taste remains in the lines.

Don’t forget to clean the beer tap and faucet as well. Bacteria can build up in the beer tap and ruin your beer. Don’t neglect this important step to fresh tasting beer. The tap and faucet need to be cleaned as part of your regular cleaning maintenance as well. Place the tap and faucet in the bucket of beer cleaner and use a brush that should of came with the kit to thoroughly clean the pieces.

Make sure to run the tap and faucet under running water, in order to sanitize them and get rid of any leftover cleaning residue. You can also clean the rest of the inside of the kegerator as well. Again be sure not to use any abrasive cleaners. Any scratches are little holes with bacteria like to hibernate.

There is nothing like a fresh tasting beer. You can have that same great tasting beer that you first had from your keg months later. It is all about taking care of your refrigerator. Make cleaning your keg beer cooler a part of your regular cleaning routine. Yes, you may not want to, but once you get in the habit, it will not take very long. Plus, you wouldn’t want to throw a party only to find out the day before that your cooler is pouring out nothing but foam! That would be a party disaster! So take of your kegerator and it will take care of you.

How to Pack The Beer Cooler

Do you know how to pack a beer cooler properly? There are a few more things to it, than just tossing in your beer. If you are going camping or on a trip where you need a cooler for a few days, then you better know how to pack the right way. So get out your coolers, buy some good food and beer, and grab up a few ice packs and getting packing.

It is time to go on a road trip and you cannot forget to have plenty of cold beer. Beer is no good warm and you don’t want to run out. So read on for a few tips to pack a cooler with beer and food.

Packing your beer beverage cooler for an tailgating event or party is pretty simple. Place the beer cans or bottles in first and do not just toss them in there. Lie them in one by one against the bottom of the cooler. Then pour the ice over the top of the beer and gently shake the ice until some ice falls down between the drinks.

If the ice melts, don’t drain the water right away, because the water is still cold and it will still keep your beer cold. You only need to drain the water if it is going to cause a problem, if you are ready to leave, or when you are ready to refill the cooler with more ice.

Pack a cooler with beer and food for camping requires a few steps. Don’t buy your food until 24 hours before you leave. Refrigerate and freeze appropriate items and do not pack up the cooler, until right before you are ready to leave on your trip. Make sure you have two coolers, one for food and one for drinks.

You may even want three depending on how much food and drinks you need. Figure out how much food and drinks you need for the trip. You do not want your food to get hot and no one likes warm beer so plan ahead. The drinks belong in a separate cooler, because the lid is opened more frequently, and you don’t want the food to be in there warming up with the drinks.

Pack that Cooler with Beer and Food Real Good

The order you pack the food into the cooler matters as well. If you are going to be staying someplace for a few days then pack the food you are going to eat last, first. Freeze your meat in order to keep it cold for days. Make sure to wrap up all of your food in separate air tight bags in order to avoid cross contamination. You can place a few frozen water bottles in with the food as well, this adds more coldness and you can drink the water later too.

Use ice packs, notice when you are packing your cooler for a few days. Ice packs are often lighter than ice and will not tear your food bags or your soft cooler. You can also use blocks of ice as well, which will keep your food colder than ice packs. Place the blocks of ice on the bottom of the cooler, because they are heavier than ice packs. Remember to keep the cooler out of the sun tan in the shade as well.

Now you are ready to go camping with a cooler full of beer and food. This gets me in the mood to go camping, I am not a big camper in tents though, but I have been to Yosemite and it was awesome! I might have to pack up and go again. Or maybe I will stick with the motor home, I still need a cooler of beer to take in the motor home too though. Hopefully you have learned a few packing tips. And don’t forget to bring a beer cooler backpack for hiking.

Final Verdicts

I believe that every home, office, and business, should have at least one of these refrigerated units in them. People have to stay hydrated, and people are more likely to consume liquids that are chilled, or properly heated, than they are to consume lukewarm, or room temperature liquids. Most people like a hot drink from time to time, or a cold drink from time to time but never a lukewarm drink. But, this is true that selecting the best beer fridge is a bit tricky.

I like removable shelves in my beer fridges because I like to keep cans that are larger than the standard twelve ounce. I recommend that you also buy a unit that has removable shelving so you can store the beverages you prefer inside the unit.

Thank you for reading the Beer Fridge reviews post. Which one you like most ?

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