Best Built in Wine Cooler Reviews 2017

Many people believe that you have to be wealthy, or have a mansion with a wine cellar, before you can have a built in wine cooler. Nothing can be farther from the truth. A built in wine cooler is affordable, and available to all people, no matter what size home you have, or what budget you are working with.

I read all of the best built in wine cooler reviews that I could find, and then I started researching these items myself. I wanted to know the features that were common on these appliances, and what those features meant for the average owner. I wanted an honest opinion of which one of these items to buy, and I wanted someone to tell me why they chose that particular built in wine fridge.

Best Built in Wine Cooler In 2017 Compared

I did not find the information I was looking for concerning these refrigeration units, so I researched them, and came up with my own list of built in cooling systems to store, and preserve, wine in. I hope this list helps you to narrow your selection.

Best Built in Wine Cooler - Reviews In Details

1. Kalamera 12 Inch Built-In Wine Cooler/Stainless Steel Door

You can have the best wine cooler even if you only have a small amount of space for a unit. This particular built in wine refrigerator holds eighteen bottles of wine, and is only twelve inches wide.

The temperature controls on this device allow you to easily set the temperature so that your bottled beverages are kept as cold, or warm, as you like them. The internal temperature of this machine is perfectly maintained because of the advanced technology used in the creation of the unit compressor.

According to popular opinion, you want a built in wine refrigerator that vibrates as little as possible. When the appliances vibrate they allow the sediment in the wine bottle to be stirred up, and that is not good for the wine.

This line of refrigeration appliances has a very low noise level, and the vibration created by the motor, and compressor, of the unit is very low. You will not have to be concerned about sediment in your bottles being disturbed. You will also not have to worry that the appliance makes while running will disturb you, even if you live in a small apartment.

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2. NewAir AWR-460DB 46 Bottle Built in Dual Zone Cooler

One of the outstanding features in this built in wine cooler is the dual zone compressor. This dual zone compressor allows the built in beverage cooler to maintain one temperature in the top section of the cabinet, and another temperature in the bottom of the cabinet. Red wines, and white wines, are best served at different temperatures. The dual temperature zone provided by this cooling unit will insure that your wines are the right temperature.

The most frequently read reviews tell us that having storage cabinets for bottles of wine, with wooden shelves, will help to protect the bottles, while they hold them securely in place. Another great feature of this mini-fridge is the locking doors. You will not have to worry about a child accidentally being exposed to the alcohol content in the bottles of wine, because you will be able to lock the doors, and protect the child, and the wine.

This beautiful appliance is capable of holding forty six bottles of wine at one time. That will give you ample of room to have a good supply of your favorite red wines, and white wines. It will also allow you to take advantage of sales, and to have a few special bottles chilled in the fridge for special occasions.

3. EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black

One of the features of this built in wine cooler is the specially designed racks that allow you to reverse how you store your bottles. Some of the reviews I have read about these units told me that I should be storing my bottles of wine with the neck of the bottle facing the door of the refrigerator.

Some of the reviews said that I should be storing the wine bottle with the neck of the bottle facing away from the door.

This refrigeration system allows you to store the bottles either way, and if you turn one bottle with the neck facing the door, and the next bottle with the neck facing away from the door, in an alternating pattern, you will be able to store one more bottle of wine on each shelf.

This is a single zone appliance, but you have the option of ordering a dual zone version from the manufacturer. The glass door of this item is made of double paned tempered glass so the refrigerated compartment can maintain a perfect temperature. The LED interior light does not change the internal temperature like old fashioned incandescent lighting did.

4. Kalamera 15 Inch Wine Refrigerator with Touch Control

One of the best things about this 15 inch built in wine cooler is how versatile it is. The appliance can be mounted beneath your countertop, or it can stand freestanding. That means you have the choice of how, and where, to place this unit in your home.

If you have read any of the wine cooler reviews then you know some of the features you want your built in wine refrigerator to have. This device has great features that will make life more enjoyable for you.

It is a frost free appliance so it is easy to maintain. It sports a gray colored glass door to help filter the harmful light rays. It has sliding racks made of beech wood to hold the bottles of wine in place.

One of the best features of the unit is a compressor that was designed to be a low vibrating, and low noise producing. Your wine will not have the sediment stirred up in it. The cabinet measures only fifteen inches wide, so it is compatible in small spaces. It holds thirty bottles of wine, and has a one touch temperature control pad.

5. Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

All of the built in wine cooler reviews will agree that you want a built in wine cooler that has a door capable of filtering out the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. This built in wine refrigerator has a gray colored glass door that blocks those ultra violet rays, and still allows you to be able to see inside the unit.

The internal temperature of this mini-fridge is maintained with forced air circulation provided by a fan motor.

The fan keeps the cool air moving around your bottles of wine to maintain them at the precise temperature you have chosen. The digital LED temperature display on the front of the will let you know exactly what the temperature inside your appliance is.

The storage capacity inside the cabinet is sufficient to accommodate nineteen bottles of your favorite wine. The temperature can be set anywhere from forty degrees to sixty five degrees, so you can chill reds or white wines.

The device also has a security key that allows you to lock the door, and keep any unauthorized person from removing a bottle of your favorite wine. That makes this a good appliance to have in a shared apartment, or a shared office setting.

6. EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The dual zone temperature control of this built in beverage cooler allows you to keep both your favorite red wine, and your favorite white wine, in the same refrigeration unit. Many people have two of these cooling boxes in their homes so they can have their white wines chilled to a lower temperature than their red wines are kept at. Each door of the system has a separate lock, and key

If you share an apartment with a roommate and they like red wine, and you like white wine, then you can both store your wine in this chilled environment, and know that you are the only one with access to your fruity beverage.

I like the inclusion of the wooden shelves that are trimmed in stainless steel to make them stronger. The stainless steel trimming also makes it easier to wipe fingerprints from the shelves, and makes the entire unit look modernized. You will have ten shelves in the cabinet that slide into the appliance to the full depth, and two shelves that only slide into the appliance partially.

You do not have to worry about the amount of noise this device will emit while it is running. The cooling system is quiet, and the motor does not cause the cabinet to be vibrated so the wine remains undisturbed.

7. Haier HVCE 15BBH Built-In or Freestanding Wine Cellar

If you are unsure whether you have the room to install a built in appliance you might want to consider this wine cellar from Haier because it can be used as a built in wine cooler or freestanding cabinet. It has vents on the bottom that blow the vented air out the front so it can be placed under a cabinet. It is attractive, easy to maintain, and designed for convenience.

Many people find that when they remove their old garbage disposal units one of these devices will fill the void left by the missing appliance.

Five handy storage racks give you ample room to store your wine selections, while the elegant design of black, and stainless steel, make this a cooling system that will fit into any room décor.

You will have the storage room for twenty six bottles of your favorite wine. The wine is stored on its side so the corks never dry out.

The electronic temperature control makes it easy to see what the temperature is inside the system, and the one touch buttons make it very easy to set the temperature to another level.

8. EdgeStare 24 Inch Built-In Wine and Beverage Cooler

The reversible door makes it possible for you to place this built in wine cooler anywhere in your home that you want it to be. The reversible door makes this a more versatile appliance because it stops you from blocking a walkway when you open the door to the mini refrigeration system.

Inside the cabinet there is a temperature range between thirty six degrees, and seventy two degrees​
The glass doors are fashioned from two panes of glass that have air trapped between them to make them insulate more efficiently.

The glass used to construct the doors is tempered so it is hard to break, and will shatter into small pieces that are less likely to injure someone if it does break.

This 24 inch built in wine cooler is perfect for people who want to store beverages other than just wine. You can easily store cans of soda, or beer, on the upper shelves, and bottles of wine, on the lower shelves. That makes this refrigerator an excellent choice to put in a family gaming room, or den. You can keep it under your wet bar, and always have chilled soda for making mixed drinks, or for serving to people who prefer a nonalcoholic beverage.

9. EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Black/Stainless

The EdgeStar 18 bottle built in wine cooler does not have colored glass doors to block the infiltration of ultra violet light. Instead it has black dot matrix doors. The glass panels used to create the doors on this cooling cabinet have tiny black dots incorporated in it to diffuse the ultra violet light. The result is a container that is easier to see inside of. The ultra slim design makes this a perfect for people who live in small spaces, or people who want to add a cooling unit, and do not have a lot of space to allot to the appliance.

You do not have to place this cooler under a countertop. This small built in wine cooler can be used as a freestanding wine cooler if you do not have a cabinet you wish to mount the unit under. This makes the Edgestar 18 bottle built in wine cooler perfect for dorm rooms, or rented apartments. You do not have to make any changes to the place where you live in order to install the appliance. It is a small wine cooler so you do not need a lot of room to have it, and it is priced affordably so most people can afford to have one.

10. EdgeStar 53 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Steel/Black

The slide out wood trimmed wire shelves in the EdgeStar fifty three bottle built in wine cooler are easier to clean than the wooden shelves. These slides out shelves in this system do have wooden trim on the edges to give them the elegant look, but then they have metal shelves that are easy to wipe clean. ​The carbon filter in this refrigeration device is removable, and easy to replace.

The carbon filter helps to keep foul odors from forming inside. These odors often occur when the cooler sits for long periods of time without being opened, so the air becomes stale, and it can form an odor.

​The EdgeStare unit has blue LED lighting on the interior so you can see to read the label on your wine bottles, but the light bulbs do not increase the temperature inside the appliance. This is important if you want to maintain a certain temperature inside the unit. There is a digital display to show you the exact temperature. This temperature should always be visible on display unless you are adjusting it.

11. Whynter Stainless Steel Door Dual Zone Wine Fridge

This is a dual zone best built in wine cooler. A dual zone allows you to keep one section of the device at one temperature, and another section of the built in beverage cooler at another temperature. That means you can keep red wines at higher temperatures than white wines, so each wine variety can be chilled to bring out their utmost flavor. This unit can be put to use as a built in wine fridge or it can be installed as a freestanding appliance.

There are vents that are placed to the front of the appliance so it can be under a cabinet without causing problems, but the exterior of the appliance is attractive enough to allow the unit to be set in full view of everyone in the room. The stainless steel, and black, finish make it possible for the machine to look attractive in any setting.

The interior illumination is provided via an LED lighting source that will not interfere with the maintenance temperature you have selected.

12. Koldfront Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler

This built in wine fridge is only fifteen inches wide. That makes it small enough to be used in almost all homes, or businesses. It takes up very little space, but adds plenty of convenience. It has a fan forced front positioned ventilation system. This type of ventilation allows you to mount the box flush with the cabinetry in your kitchen, and still allows the appliance to get the air flow it needs to properly function.

This wine refrigerator has wire shelves that can be slid out so you can easily reach any item that is on them. The wire is easy to wipe down, and keep clean.

The temperature of the wine is adjusted using an easy to reach touchpad that is located at the top of the appliance. You can see the digital display that tells you the temperature at all times.

There is blue LED lighting on the interior to help you make your selections. This soft lighting does not interfere with the temperature control inside the appliance.

You can mount this unit under the cabinet, or you can install it as a freestanding wine cooler.

13. NewAir AWR Built In Compressor Wine Cooler

This large built in wine cooler can be installed flush beneath a countertop in a kitchen, or possibly under a wet bar, or you can install the appliance freestanding. The ventilation happens from the front bottom section, so it is okay for the appliance to be mounted in a cabinet that encases it on three sides.

There a five shelves inside the mini fridge designed to hold as many as fifty two standard bottles of wine.​

These wine bottles would be lying prone so the corks inside them would remain moistened by the liquid inside the bottle.

The blue LED lighting makes it possible for you to read the labels on the bottles of wine stored inside the unit, yet this type of lighting does not produce enough heat to raise the temperature above your selected one.

The digital thermostat and electronic controls are conveniently positioned in the front of the unit. These controls are easy to reach, and you can change the temperature setting with the simple push of a button.

The glass doors are made of tempered glass so they are break resistant. The doors have also been colored to help reduce damages that could occur if ultra violet light from the sun entered the interior of the cabinet where the wine bottles are kept.

14. Titan 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built – In Wine Refrigerator

The wooden shelves in this forty six bottle dual zone built in wine cooler will cradle your favorite bottles of wine, and keep them protected, until you are ready to open them. The shelves slide out on this built in beverage cooler to help you make your selection and reach your wine.

The dual zone operation allows you to keep white wines chilled to their preferred temperature, and red wines chilled to their preferred temperature.​

You should always serve white wines at a lower temperature than you serve complex red wines. Having a dual control unit is akin to having two units, except the single one does not need as much space as two would.

The glass on the door has the matrix dot blocks to block out the ultra violet light, but the clear quality that allows you to have a good visual of the inner content.

The doors come with a safety lock to help you protect your wine from unauthorized samplers.

15. Titan 25 Bottle Single Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator

A built in wine refrigerator should allow you to store either red wines, or white wines, at a temperature that will allow the beverage to have its best flavor. The majority of people who have these cooling systems installed in their homes want one that is large enough to store a case of wine at a time, but small enough that the appliance does not take up a large section of under counter space. A cabinet large enough to hold twenty five standard bottles of wine is perfect the majority of homeowners.

The stainless steel of the exterior cabinet makes this appliance capable of fitting in with most modern décor. It has clear glass on the door so you can easily see inside, but there are a matrix of black dots incorporated into the clear glass to help reduce penetration by ultra violet light. The blue LED inside light will help you read the labels on your wine bottles, but this type of lighting does not generate heat like incandescent light bulbs did so your internal temperature of the wine will not be affected.

16. Vinotemp 21-Bottle Dual-Zone Touch Screen Wine Cooler

Having a best built in wine cooler means that the appliance will be set under a cabinet top, and most cases they will be enclosed on at least three sides, and that is why the ventilation for this built in wine fridge is located on the bottom, at the front of the appliance. The air flow is not impeded, and the motor, and compressor, are not heated by the expelled air.

This 21 bottle wine cooler can be installed beneath a cabinet top, or it can be used as a freestanding appliance. The chilled cabinet is elegant looking so it will enhance the décor of any room you choose to use it in.​

It has a dual temperature zone capability. That means you can set the temperature in one section to be forty degrees for white wine chilling, and you can set the temperature in the other portion to be sixty five degrees for red wine chilling.

This beverage cooler also includes a digital temp display, a blue LED light, a locking door, and easy to reach temperature control panel.

17. Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler

This Whynter built in wine cooler will keep your favorite wines at the perfect temperature. It is a dual zone device so you do not have to choose between red wines, or white wines.

I like that this appliance has warning buzzers that will tell you when the door has not been closed properly, or when the cooling system is not operating properly. If the temperature rises above your desired setting the alarm will sound to let you know.​

The beautiful blue LED lighting on the interior to help you read the labels on the bottles, and there is an easy to reach on, and off, switch to control this lighting. You will also find the digital controls that adjust the temperature are easy to reach.

The exterior of the cooler has been designed to be placed beneath a cabinet. It has the ventilation to the front so the unit can have adequate air flow. It has also been designed to work perfectly as a freestanding appliance. You have more options on where to place this device than you do with most of these appliances.

18. NewAir 18 Bottle Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator

This built in wine cooler is better described as a dual zone wine and beverage cooler. It has the ability to store eighteen bottles of wine, or fifty eight standard cans of beer, or soda. It has French doors that divide the dual temperature zone of the interior. Your red wines can be kept at a warmer temperature than your cans of beer, or your bottles of white wine are. The digital temperature controls of this dual zone device are easy to reach.

They are located at the top of each section, just behind the tempered glass of the stainless steel framed door. You can easily see the display of the temperature inside each portion of the mini fridge, and you can change the temperature with the touch of a button.

If you do not have a cabinet space to place your appliance in, then you can use this unit as a freestanding appliance. You will also have security locks on each door so you can keep the contents safe.

There is blue LED lighting on the interior of each section so you can easily see the labels of the bottles, and the shelving slides out so you can reach the contents easily.

19. EdgeStar Built In Wine and Beverage Cooler

I love the idea of a built in wine and beverage cooler having French doors to divide the two temperature zones. Most built in dual zone wine coolers have temperature adjustment that allow the top portion of the built in wine fridge to be set at one temperature and the bottom portion of the built in wine refrigerator to be set at another temperature. Each side has a digital display telling you what the internal temperature of the unit is.

The controls to adjust the temperature are easy to reach, and it only takes the push of a button to raise, or lower, the temperature. The soft glow of the blue LED lighting allows you to identify the items inside, but this type of lighting does not create enough heat to alter the temperature control inside the unit.

You can use this machine as an under the cabinet appliance because the ventilation for the appliance is provided in the front, but you can also install it as a freestanding wine cooler.

20. EdgeStar Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel

This dual temperature zone built in wine cooler allows the upper section to be kept at temperatures ranging from forty one degrees to fifty four degrees, while the lower section of the fridge can be kept at temperatures ranging from fifty four degrees to sixty four degrees. Your complex red wines, and your light white wines, will both be chilled to perfection.

Each section can hold fifty five bottles of wine. You can keep one hundred and ten standard size wine bottles on hand.​

The digital temperature display inside accurately tells you the exact temperature of each zone. You can change the temperature setting using the touch pad control panel located at the top of the device.

There is blue LED lighting on the upper, and lower sections, help you see the wine selections you have. The shelves slide out to make retrieving a bottle of wine easier to do. The stainless steel doors have tempered glass panes that are designed to block out harmful ultra violet light rays.

21. EdgeStar Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler Stainless Steel

This stainless steel, and black, built in wine cooler holds one hundred and twenty one standard size bottles of your favorite wine. Inside are shelves designed to slide out so it is easy to reach the different bottles. There is also a soft blue LED lighting to help you read the labels on the bottles. This LED lighting can be turned on or off using a simple switch. The door is reversible so it fits perfectly in your home.

The glass of the stainless steel framed door is tinted to prevent damage to your wine selection caused by ultra violet rays. The tinted glass also helps to keep the temperature inside at a constant reading. The door is fashioned from two panes of glass with air trapped between them for an insulation factor.

You do not have to install this unit as a built in unit. It is attractive, and capable of being used as a freestanding refrigeration system. It is large enough to keep a supply of wine handy for small restaurants, catering events, or large parties. The black, and stainless, exterior make the appliance adaptable to any decorating style. The security lock makes it safe to keep in a business setting.

Built in Wine Cooler VS Under-counter Wine Cooler

If you have been considering getting a wine cooler then you might have been trying to decide whether you should get a built in wine cooler or an under the counter cooler. There are plenty of similarities in these two items, but there are a few differences that might help you decide which one is right for your home.

Built in wine coolers have air ventilation on the front of the beverage cooler so that the air can flow properly around the appliance. An appliance like this one will need proper air flow, and ventilation, in order to function properly.

A built in wine refrigerator is not freestanding. It will have to be attached to the counter top or to the wall behind it. The under the counter versions are freestanding and can actually stand under a counter or on top of a counter, depending on the space you have available.

A built in styled unit may not be suitable if you are renting the place you live in. The built in versions are more permanent than the under the counter varieties that are freestanding. You want to make sure that your landlord approves the installation of the device before you install one.

A built in version may have to be hard wired to receive electricity. An under the counter variety, will have a plug and cord attached, so it can be plugged into the nearest electrical outlet. Make sure that the item you are buying is the one that you will be able to install without hiring an electrical contractor.

The sizes of these items are comparable. You can get built in cabinets that are as small as twelve inches wide, and you can get the freestanding versions that are about the same size. The only difference would be if you wanted to create an entire room to be your built in space.

Final Notes

If you are renting the home you live in a built in wine cooler may not be the option. In rental units you may not want to do anything that would alter the state of the apartment. If you are renting you might want to consider purchasing a beverage cooler that is freestanding, and requires no hardwiring, or permanent installation techniques. But if you are owning your home I must recommend this built-in types. Hope, this best built in wine cooler reviews post help you to choose your desired cooler.