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If you have ever struggled with a manual corkscrew attempting to open a bottle of wine then you know the advantages having an electric wine opener might offer.

Often the corks in the bottles have settled in too tightly and when you use the manual corkscrew you break pieces of the cork away instead of pulling out the whole cork at one time.

An electric wine opener applies just enough pressure to the cork to gently slide it out of the neck of the bottle without damaging the cork, and without damaging the wine in the bottle.

You do not have to have a lot of strength to remove the cork from the bottle when you use an electric wine opener. You simply attach the device to the top of the bottle and turn it on.

In my quest to find the best electric wine opener I found the following fifteen appliances that impressed me with their features. I considered size, availability, cost, features, and the customer reviews as I made this list.​

I hope that through my research I will save you some time in your search for the right product for you.

Best Electric Wine Opener Reviews In Details

1. Pyora Rechargeable Automatic Electric Wine Opener - Best Foil Cutter

The battery in this appliance is incredibly powerful and dependable. This rechargeable electric wine opener will open about forty bottles of wine without needing to be recharged. You get incredible tasting wine by using the aerating pourer.

When you pour the wine using this device it oxygenates the liquid. The result of the oxygenation is a smoother drink that is full of body and flavor. You get a vacuum pump to reseal your wine bottles with.

The vacuum pump removes all of the air from inside the bottle so the wine does not get tainted. If you simply replace the cork you will trap air inside the bottle and that can cause the remaining wine to go bad. 

2. Oster FPSTBW8207-S - Best Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This cordless electric wine bottle opener by Oster will be able to remove about thirty corks before it needs to be recharged. The little device safely removes the cork from a bottle of wine in seconds and all you have to do is push one button.

This wine opener comes with a foil cutter to help you quickly remove the foil wrapping that is sealed over the cork. Then you attach the opener to the top of virtually any bottle of wine and push the button to effortlessly remove the cork with no fuss, no muss.

The opener is very attractive, and fits comfortably in your hand.

3. Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener with Removable Free Foil Cutter - Elegant Black


Opening a bottle of wine can be something of a production. You take the corkscrew and push it into the top of the cork and pull the cork out.

You want this moment to be effortless and to make you look elegant and sophisticated, but when you are using a manual corkscrew the result may be a broken cork, spilled wine, or a less than sophisticated process.

The Ozeri Nouveaux electric wine opener allows you to effortlessly open a bottle of wine. The clear cover over the corkscrew allows you to see the cork as it is pulling free of the bottle. The soft blue light tells you the device is in use, or that the device is charging.  

4. Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller


This amazing electric wine opener has a soft grip handle that easily fits your hand so you do not lose your grip while opening your wine.

There is a foil cutter to quickly remove the foil seal from the bottle, then you place the electric wine opener over the bottle and push one button to have it safely remove the cork.

You can place the bottle of wine in the convenient wine chiller to keep your beverage cold for many hours. The wine opener is rechargeable and comes with a charging base. You can expect the appliance to open about thirty bottles of wine before it needs to be recharged.

5. Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener – Black

This electric wine opener from Epicureanist comes with a charging base, a foil cutter, and the cordless wine opener. You do not have to worry about running out of batteries because the wine opener recharges and then provides about eight hours of use before needing to be recharged again.

The appliance is very state of the art in appearance. The main portion is black and the covering over the corkscrew is clear so you can see the cork being pulled free of the bottle. Once the cork has been extracted from the bottle the electric wine opener will release it.  

6. Ozeri Extravo Electric Wine Opener in Stainless Steel with Auto Activation

With most electric wine openers you place them on the wine bottle over the cork and then you push a button to activate the device. With the Ozeri Extravo you simply position the electric wine opener over the cork in the wine bottle and the device automatically goes into action and effortlessly removes the cork for you.

The long lasting battery will open about sixty wine bottles before it needs to recharge. You also receive a foil cutter to open the foil seal, and a pourer, as well as a stopper so you can reseal your wine bottle back again.

7. Waring Pro WO50B Cordless Wine Opener with Vacuum Sealer and Foil Cutter

The rubberized handset on this electric wine opener makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. The black color of the rubberized handset sets off the stainless steel detail of the lower portion of the appliance.

This electric wine opener can remove common organic corks, or it can remove the synthetic corks with no difficulty. You also get a foil cutter to help remove the seal from the bottle, and a vacuum sealer to help you preserve your wine until you want another glass. The sleek design of the curved charging base creates an attractive small appliance. The foil cutter stores inside the charging base.  

8. Xtrend Rechargable Premuim Electric Wine Bottle Opener – Best Electric Corkscrew

The blue LED light on this electric wine opener is designed to catch your attention and dazzle you as you watch the cork being lifted from the bottle.

You do not have to put any effort into making a sophisticated display of opening the wine because this little appliance does the work, and the showmanship for you.

You get a foil cutter to help you effortlessly remove the foil covering over the cork. You also get a sleek black charging base to place the appliance in when it is not in use, or when it finally needs to be recharged.  

9. Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener with Infrared Wine Thermometer and Digital LCD

This is the optimum in electric wine openers. You simply place the opener over the cork and it senses the presence of the cork and automatically opens the bottle for you.

The digital display shows you when the battery will need to be recharged, but since the wine opener will open about eighty bottles between charges you do not have to worry about running out of power soon.

The thermometer displays the temperature of the wine that you have just opened. It also displays the temperature of the room the bottle is in. The unit comes with a foil cutter and an elegant charging base. 

10. Houdini Electric Corkscrew – Metallic Red

The Houdini electric corkscrew is capable of opening the most stubborn of wine bottles. You know the ones with the plastic corks that can get impossibly stuck in the neck of the bottle? This little whiz of an appliance can lift those corks right out of the bottle with no effort.

From the beginning with the removal of the foil that seals over the cork, to the removal of the cork itself, the Houdini will make the job of opening the wine a pleasurable one. The clear covering over the corkscrew allows you to watch the Houdini work its magic on those stubborn corks.  

11. Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew with Built-in Foil Cutter

With the Metrokane electric rabbit rechargeable corkscrew electric wine opener you will never have to worry about misplacing the foil cutter that comes with the device. Most electric wine openers have a second foil cutter that you have to keep up with, but the electric rabbit has a built in foil cutter.

The bright red and silver wine opener is attractive, and the clear covering over the corkscrew allows you to watch the machine do its work. You simply position the electric wine opener over the cork and push a button to activate the cork removal process. The battery will open about 30 bottles before needing a recharge.

12. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter – Black

The unique design of this electric wine opener allows it to stand vertically upright without the aid of a base stand. The curved design makes the appliance look elegant, but it also serves to help you be able to hold onto the wine opener easily.​

You will also get a wine pourer and a stopper. The stopper has a lid that can be removed and that lid becomes a foil cutter. There is currently a patent pending on this design. The battery power will last long enough on each charge to open about sixty bottles of wine.  

13. Waring Commercial  Portable Electric Wine Bottle Opener - Best Wine Opener With Stand

The stainless steel housing of this electric wine opener makes it tough as nails, and attractive. This portable wine opener is and can be carried with you as you serve your customers. It is the perfect piece of equipment for bartenders, wait staff, caterers, and event coordinators.

The motor is a high performance commercial motor that is designed for heavy use. It is powerful enough to remove natural corks or the synthetic corks that can be so stubborn. The battery life between charges is strong enough to take you through an entire evening with no concerns to loss of power.  

14. Kalorik CKS 40211 Wine Lovers Bottle Opener Set

This electric wine opener set will easily be able to open any bottle of wine. The set comes complete with the electric wine opener, and a foil cutter, as well as a wine preserver that can help close an open bottle and keep the contents good for as many as seven days, and two stoppers, along with a pourer that aerates the wine as it pours so the wine has more flavor than normal.

All of the pieces that come with the Kalorik set fit into the recharging station neatly. The electric wine opener is stainless with a clear covering over the corkscrew.  

15. WineOvation WNO-01 Powered Wine Opener Gun – Silver

This wine opener is the best electric wine opener that you have seen. It is a conversation starting novelty piece, and a handy appliance for removing corks from wine bottles. The gun shaped electric wine opener is silver with a black grip and a black recharging station for it to rest in when not in use.

You will get a foil cutter to accompany your pistol wine opener, and you will get a lot of comments from friends when they watch you open the wine at your next gathering using a handgun. The novelty electric wine opener will enhance the look of any bar, and will also open about thirty bottles of wine for each charge.  

Advantages of Electric Wine Opener

Wine enthusiasts and amateurs alike have at some time or another encountered that stubborn cork that just refuses to budge from the bottle when you try and open it, no matter how hard you try the traditional corkscrew just isn’t going to do the trick!

Fortunately for the eager wine devotee, there is a simple solution to this conundrum; the electric wine opener. These stylish items are quickly gaining in popularity and they make a very sleek and stylish table accompaniment alongside your favorite wine cooler.

There are several advantages to using an electric wine opener as opposed to the traditional corkscrew:

  • Even the nimblest handed of people can find it a struggle to remove a wine cork at times, by using an electric bottle opener you can guarantee a quick and clean cork removal every time. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from conditions that affect the use of the hands.
  • All the top quality electric wine openers come with a rechargeable base unit meaning you never have to worry about it running out of power during the middle of a dinner party.
  • More than just a cheap gadget, the electric wine opener has become a very stylish utensil to have in the kitchen or even a mini bar. A number of high quality manufacturers have seen the potential in this product and the buyer is now presented with a wide range of luxury wine openers to choose from.
  • Hosting a party or wedding reception? Save yourself time and effort and use the electric wine opener to uncork your wine bottles with the minimum of fuss.

So there you have it, at the mere push of a button you can now enjoy a glass of your favorite wine whatever the occasion. When it comes to wine accessories, electric wine openers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Other great products include; wine chillers for keeping your favorite drink cold, aerators for enhancing the delicate flavor and wine bottle stoppers for when you don’t want the whole bottle in one sitting.

How Electric Wine Openers Work – Briefly

It’s a pretty simple concept. At the touch of a button, these Electric Wine Openers easily open up bottles. The stylish and ergonomically designed soft-grip handle will fit into the palm of your hand for a firm grip.

See the action as the cork is smoothly extracted from your bottle and released with a simple press of a button. These include a foil cutter to remove wine seals and a recharging base for convenience. Make opening wine bottles easy, fun, exciting, and entertaining at the same time with these Electric Wine Openers.

Electric Wine Openers as Gifts

When you consider electric wine openers as gifts, either alone or in a wine opener set, you can be sure you will be giving a gift that will be appreciated. And used! Their sleek designs and sturdy-in-the-hand feel speak of quality.

They can put that lever corkscrew in the drawer now because they will want to show-off their new electric opener every chance they get. And if you are not sure of their preferences, why not make it a wine opener set.

This will give them a choice of wine tools to use, and most sets are appealing enough to be display pieces too. It doesn’t matter if they open a bottle or two every night, or only once or twice a year, these quality electric wine openers will be something every wine drinker will be proud to own.

Why Buy an Electric Wine Opener

There could be many good reasons to buy the best electric wine openers: they make great gifts, they are an attractive addition to your other wine accessories, and obviously, they make the process of opening a bottle of wine as easy as the push of a button.

And if someone has to open a lot of wine bottles, then an automatic wine opener will really be appreciated. One of the best reasons though, is the ease of use. Anyone that has ever struggled with a stubborn cork, or has trouble centering the corkscrew, (even if it’s a rabbit lever corkscrew), will love how these electric wine openers only need to be placed on the bottle.

And these wine openers are especially helpful for anyone with an arthritic condition. The best wine openers will have a wine foil cutter, (like the Oster wine opener), and a screwpull wine opener mechanism. These features ensure that an electric wine bottle opener operation is truly automatic.

Final Thoughts 

You may have never considered an electric wine opener before, or you may have wanted one for a long time. The fifteen openers listed above are all high quality items that would enhance your home, and make it easier for you to remove corks from your wine containers.

I urge you to take the time and read the reviews of the best electric wine opener on the list, and compare the features that each of them offer. Then look at the design to see which one you find the most attractive, and compare the other selling aspects such as price, availability, and warranty, before you make your final decision.

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