EdgeStar 24 Inch Built In Wine and Beverage Cooler with French Doors

Finding a built in wine cooler that is also suitable to be used as a built in beverage cooler is rare. This Beverage Cooler with French Doors functions perfectly to chill bottles of wine, and twelve-ounce cans of soda, or beer. It is a built in beverage cooler that will benefit the entire family for years to come.

Features I Love about this Beverage Cooler with French Doors

I have found that I often shop for an item with one feature in mind that I think will make the item useful to me, thenBeverage Cooler with French Doors when I get the item home I found other features that I like even more than the one I sought. That is the case with this appliance, and after my purchase, I discovered the following features to be impressive to me.

French Doors

I personally like the French doors on this top quality wine fridge because they look attractive. I also like the French doors on the built in wine refrigerator because they allow you to have one side of the cooled cabinet at one temperature, and the other side at another temperature and you can keep items that you will want more frequently on one side, without raising the temperature on the side that houses things you will use less often.

The doors lock independently of each other, so you can leave the side of the unit that holds soda unlocked, but lock the side that has beverages that contain alcohol in them.

Dual Temperature Control

Having a cooling system that provides you with the ability to have two temperature zones will allow you to have different beverages chilled to perfection. Most mini-fridges designed for wine storage will only adjust to a temperature of about forty degrees on the low-temperature side and that is slightly warm for the beer or soda cans. This unit has one side that adjusts lower than forty degrees. On that side, you can stock about sixty cans of soda, or beer.

Slide Out Wood and Wood Trimmed Shelves

The device has five wooden shelves and three wire shelves that have wood trim so all of the shelves match. Wine bottles that are nestled on wooden shelves are less likely to be broken or damaged than wine bottles sitting on wire shelves. On the other hand, the wire shelves are easier to clean than the wooden shelves are. This built in wine cooler gives you the best of both shelving types.

Safety Lock

A safety lock will ensure that no one removes a bottle of wine from the cabinet without your permission. If you have small children the safety lock on the unit will stop them from getting a soda without asking permission, and it will stop them from possibly opening the door, and leaving it ajar. The safety lock is a great feature on any beverage cooler.

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Double Paned Tempered Glass Doors

The double paned tempered glass doors of this appliance assure you that the cabinet will be able to keep the temperature setting you to prefer while using less energy. A single pane of glass is not very effective at holding the heat out of an area. When you take two pieces of tempered glass and sandwich them together, you create a pocket of air between the two panes of glass. This pocket of air creates an insulating barrier that makes it easier for the device to maintain a proper temperature.

The tempered glass is a type of safety glass. When soda glass is broken it can leave sharp pieces of glass that are capable of making deep cuts in human flesh so the soda glass is put through a series of strengthening tests to make it harder to break. When the glass is strong enough to be called tempered it will break into very small pieces when it is broken so it is less likely to cause serious injuries to anyone that comes into contact with the broken shards.


  • Double paned glass on doors
  • Tempered glass on doors
  • Stainless steel frame on doors
  • Stainless steel handles on doors
  • Digital temperature display
  • Adjustable controls located in the front of the door
  • Can be installed as a built in appliance or as a freestanding beverage cooler
  • Air cooled technology
  • ADA compliant
  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Quiet
  • Removable shelves
  • Auto defrost


  • Some assembly may be required

Final Thoughts

I recommend this unit to anyone who has a family or anyone who drinks soda, beer, and wine. The one side of the box will accommodate about sixty cans of beer or soda, and the other side accommodates about seventeen standard bottles of wine. This will give you ample storage for the beverages your family likes to drink,

Danial Jones

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