Built In 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

This 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator by NewAir is possibly the perfect small built in wine cooler. It has doors framed of stainless steel, and I say doors because the two temperature zones are held behind two separate doors. You can have sodas on one side, and wine on the other side. You will not raise the temperature of the wine side of the built in beverage cooler each time you open the other side to get a soda out.

18 bottle 60 can dual zone built in wine cooler

The appliance is small, and absolutely perfect for dorm rooms, or for small apartments. I love this built in wine fridge, and I recommend it to everyone who will listen.​

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Features of This 18 Bottle Dual Zone Built in Wine Fridge

I can simply say that I love this cooling system. This is a built in beverage cooler that is perfect for wine, for cans of soda, and for a combination of the two items. It is versatile, useful, and attractive. I believe that the following features make this cooling cabinet a perfect choice.

Dual Zone Temperature Control behind French Doors

I like the French doors on this device because they look attractive, and they keep the two temperature zones separated. I like being able to keep over fifty cans of soda on one side of the unit and not having to expose my chilled wine to warm air each time someone gets a soda out of the other side.

18 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator

Stainless Steel Doors and Handles

The stainless steel doors, and handles, make the appliance a longer lasting appliance. Stainless steel is very hard to break, and it lasts a long time. The stainless steel doors, and handles, on make it look more attractive when it is installed beneath a countertop. The elegant stainless steel doors, and handles, are visible, and since most appliances bought today are stainless, the look of the appliance goes well with all of the other kitchen appliances you have.

White LED Lighting

White LED lighting is soft enough to not raise the temperature inside the refrigerated portion of the cabinet, and yet it is bright enough that you can read the labels in the cooler. This lighting will not damage your wine, and it has switches so you can turn it on, or off, when you want to. I like this feature of this because I do not always want to have to turn on the overhead lights when I go to get something, and I do not always want the light shining, because I live in a small space and the interior light can be bright enough to disturb my sleep there.

18 bottle 60 can dual zone built in wine beverage cooler

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Front Facing Ventilation System

You cannot install a built in wine refrigerator beneath a cabinet top if you do not have a front facing ventilation system in place. The appliance has to be able to expel warm air, and draw in fresh air in, to be able to keep the motor from overheating. By placing the ventilation system under the appliance, and in the front of the appliance, the air can be drawn in, and expelled, without being blocked by the cabinetry surrounding the cooling unit.

Locking Doors

Locking doors on a device like this one, where beverages containing alcohol are likely to be kept, are very beneficial if the unit is placed in a dorm room, or in a home that is shared by more than one person. Locking doors on a cabinet where beverages containing alcohol are kept is also a great feature if you have children in the home, or if you might have workers come in the home from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Buying a cooling system that allows you to keep the wine you love to drink on occasion chilled, and ready to consume, makes your life more pleasant. Buying an appliance like this dual temperature zone one by NewAir allows you to have your chilled wine when you want it, and it allows you to have over fifty cans of soda, or beer, available at all times.

Most people drink more soda than they do wine, so having an appliance that allows you to chill both soda, and wine, means that you will use the appliance more often, and will get more value for the money you invest on it.​

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