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The ability to have twenty-three bottles of your favorite wines chilled to perfection, and ready to consume, is waiting for you when you decide to purchase this twenty-three bottle Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator made by Titan. This is an excellent built in wine fridge that can also be used as a freestanding appliance. It is small, and will fit under your counter with a unique, and seamless appearance.


Features I Love about this Dual Zone Built In Wine Refrigerator

This built in wine cooler is full of fantastic features. It was extremely hard to narrow my list of favorites to just a few so I wrote about some of the most outstanding features, and then thought I would simply tell you that you will love every feature of this built in wine fridge.

Dual Temperature Zones

The dual temperature zone is probably the single most reason I chose to include this twenty-three bottles built in wine refrigerator by Titan in my built in wine cooler reviews. I do not know about you, but I sometimes like white wine, and sometimes I like to drink red wine, and I always like to have both varieties on hand, and perfectly chilled.


Red wines are not meant to be served as cold as white wines are. When you chill a red wine to a low temperature then you alter the flavor of the wine, and the same thing happens to white wines that are served too warm. In order for wine to taste its best it must be served at the right temperature, and to do this you need to either have to install two built in wine coolers, or one appliance with a dual temperature zone capacity.

The upper portion of this device is the perfect solution for red wines. In the upper zone the temperature can be maintained between fifty-four degrees, and sixty-five degrees. The lower section of the unit is perfect for white wines, and less complex red wines. In the lower section of the cabinet you can maintain temperatures between forty degrees and fifty-four degrees.

You get to have both white wines, and red wines, chilled to perfection using only one affordable cooling system. I love this feature.


Check Out More Specifications Of This Product

Clear Glass Doors​

Clear glass doors increase the amount of visibility you have into the cabinet. With the clear glass doors on this device I can see my wine bottles neatly snuggled on the shelves, and I can easily see the digital display of the temperature, so I know if any changes need to be made.

The clear glass doors are made safe to use by the placement of the black matrix dots. The ultra violet rays of the sun can easily penetrate clear glass, but the black matrix dot prevent that penetration from occurring, and leave you with wine bottles that are completely protected.

White LED Lighting​

The white LED lighting is a soft white light that enables you to read the labels on your wine while it does not heat up the interior of the wine cooler. The lighting source can easily be switched off for the times you do not want the light to be in operation. I like being able to turn the light on and off at my convenience.

Final Thoughts

Buying a built in beverage cooler will allow you to have chilled wine whenever you want it. You will not need to pull out an ice bucket, and ice your bottle of wine, for half an hour to forty-five minutes. You can never get your wine chilled to the proper temperature using a bucket of ice.

You no longer have to place your bottle of wine in your refrigerator where it can be in the way, get chilled too much, or where it is exposed to everyone who opens the refrigerator door. Your wine never gets chilled to the right temperature using your food refrigerator as a place to chill their wine.

Having a refrigeration system like this one in your home lets you have wine that is at the right temperature, is safe from unauthorized tasting, and is not in the way. Owning one of these appliances allows you to pamper yourself just a little.

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