EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built In Wine Refrigerator – Stainless Steel

This 18 Bottle Built In Wine Refrigerator will allow you to chill your favorite wines and have them handy whenever you are ready for a glass. The built in wine cooler is small enough to fit in any home, apartment, or office, without being obtrusive. It can be mounted beneath a counter, or it can be used as a freestanding wine cooler. The black and stainless steel exterior of the cabinet allows it to blend in well with any decorating style.

18 Bottle Built In Wine Refrigerator

Features I Love about this 18 Bottle Built In Wine Refrigerator

I had a difficult time selecting my favorite features of this built in wine refrigerator. I finally decided to just list some of the great features because this built in beverage cooler is simply awesome.

I know that my loving the frost free feature of this cooling unit tells everyone how old I am, but I do love the fact that I do not have to defrost this appliance. Defrosting a freezer takes a long time, and it is a messy job. I always read all built in wine cooler reviews to ascertain if the units I am considering are frost free before I decide to try one in my home.


My refrigerated cupboard is located in the room where my family gathers to watch movies. I love that this unit is so quiet when the compressor kicks on because it does not disturb our movie watching. We never have to turn the volume up so that we can hear the movie over the sound of our mini-fridge. I have had other appliances that were so noisy you could not have a conversation in the room they were in without raising your voice.


Carbon Filter

I love the carbon filter on this unit because I never have to worry that my guest will open the fridge and smell a foul odor. The carbon filter absorbs any bad odors and leaves the interior of my built in wine fridge smelling good. I can let my guest get things from the mini fridge without being fearful of any odors.

Tempered Glass

To me the tempered glass on the door of this built in wine refrigerator means safety. If you are old enough to have seen broken windows that left huge jagged pieces of glass dangling you will understand the fear that I have of the glass door being broken and someone being severely injured. When you break a glass door that is made with tempered glass there are no large pieces of glass that could possibly cut someone severely. Tempered glass shatters into tiny pieces when it is broken. Someone can get cut but not severely enough to have a life threatening, or disfiguring, injury.


Reversible Door

I love the reversible door because it gives me so many options. I like to rearrange my furniture, and the reversible door allows me to put the appliance anywhere I want to, and if the door will not open because something else is blocking it, I can simply reverse the door so that it opens in the other direction.


  • Frost free
  • Holds eighteen bottles
  • Reversible door
  • Double panes of glass
  • Tempered glass for safety
  • quiet
  • Carbon filter included
  • Temperature range between forty degrees and sixty five degrees
  • Can be a used under a cabinet top or as a freestanding appliance
  • Blue LED light in interior
  • Fans circulate the cool air inside
  • Front ventilation
  • Slim design
  • Five full depth shelves made of wire and trimmed out with wood
  • One shelf that slides partially out
  • ETL approved


  • May require some assembly

Final Thoughts

Built in wine cooler reviews rarely tell you that the device you are reading about has some flaws, or cons associated with it. This unit had one flaw that I could find, and that was the fact that some assembly was required before I could use my new appliance. I operated the machine for a long time in an attempt to see if it had some flaw that would not be noticeable at first, but the appliance ran perfectly, kept my wine chilled properly, was quiet, was convenient, looked attractive, and is ETL approved.

I went and read other built in wine cooler reviews about this built in wine fridge and saw that on the rare instances when people had trouble from their appliance, the manufacturer was quick to respond and quick to replace, or repair, the appliance. Great customer service, and an attentive manufacturer that stands behind what they make increases the value of any item, in my opinion.

Danial Jones

Danial lives in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, a medium-sized dog, and an attack cat. Before he started writing wine fridge And cooler related articles, he experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog-training etc. But his favorite job is the one he’s now doing full time — writing articles.

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