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Choosing the right wine cooler is not hard. You have to know how many bottles of wine you want to keep on a normal basis. I prefer 30 Bottle Built In Wine Cooler. You need to know if you are going to keep red wine or white wine, or if you will be keeping both wines on hand. You need to know what size built in wine refrigerator will fit the best in the space you have available. You need to know how much money you can afford to spend on the refrigeration system. You need to know what the built in wine cooler reviews say so you can choose the appliance with the features you like the most.

Edgestar 30 Bottle Built Reviews : 

The following features made this built in wine fridge stand out in my mind.

Auto Defrost

You might call me lazy, but I have to say that I will not buy an appliance that I have to defrost. I am old enough to remember appliances that you had to defrost, and how big a mess that job is. I love the fact that this built in wine cooler has an automatic defrost and I do not ever have to worry about that aspect of the unit.

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Internal Fan

The presence of an internal fan in this refrigerator means that the cool air is evenly distributed around all of the bottles. The fan allows all of the wine to be kept at the right temperature instead of just the bottles on the top is cool, or just the bottles on the bottom being cool.

Carbon Filter

Odors form in everything. You will find that foul odors can form in your built in beverage cooler. You can put a box of baking soda inside the refrigerator to absorb the odor, but the baking soda is not attractive, and it takes up space. This 30 bottle built in wine refrigerator from EdgeStar has a built in carbon filter that helps to eliminate odors before you even know they are present.

Reversible Double Pane Door

Not every kitchen or bar is set up in the same way. That means that some bars need a mini-fridge with doors that are hinged on the right side and some bars need components with doors that are hinged on the left side. The majority of built in wine coolers do not have reversible doors so you have to adapt to the way they are hinged, but this cold storage appliance from EdgeStar gives you the option to have the hinges on either side of the door.

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Rubber Bushings

You may not think that rubber bushings will be one of the features that you love about your built in wine cooler, but let me assure the rubber bushings are possibly one of the best features on this built in beverage cooler. The rubber bushing absorbs the vibrations caused by the compressor. When a compressor is running it naturally causes vibrations, and those vibrations can cause the sediment in the bottle of wine to be disrupted and distributed throughout the bottle of wine. The rubber bushings on the compressor of this unit work like a shock absorbed to reduce the vibration, they also help to keep the machine from being noisy while it is operating. Trust me the majority of these appliances are actually noisy and they vibrate so hard that they have to be stabilized. You will love the rubber bushings.

Versatile Installation

When you buy this cold storage device you do not have to install the appliance under the counter. This unit can be used as a freestanding appliance. That is great news to people who rent apartments because the installation of the device will create no changes to the apartment, and will not void their security deposit.


  • Internal fan circulates air
  • Built in carbon filter to reduce odor
  • Automatically defrosts
  • Black dotted door tinting
  • Blue LED interior lighting does not emit heat
  • Rubber bushing absorbs the vibration the compressor causes and reduces sediment disruption
  • Low noise
  • Reversible door
  • Can be installed under a counter or can be used as a freestanding unit
  • Double paned door glass holds temperature in
  • 6 wire shelves that are full size
  • 1 wire shelf that s small
  • Wood trim on shelves
  • Security lock
  • ETL approved
  • Digital temperature controls


  • Not dual zone
  • Some assembly required

Final Thoughts

I love this built in wine cooler and I recommend it highly to anyone in the market for one of these appliances. It is complete with all of the latest features that technology has given us the ability to enjoy, and it is affordably priced so that almost everyone can afford to own one of them.

Thanks for reading this awesome Edgestar 30 Bottle Built Reviews. Hope you will like this product for sure.

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