EdgeStar 53 Bottle Wine Fridge – Stainless Steel/Black

The EdgeStar 53 Bottle Wine Fridge is a great homeowner cooling system. The shelving is adjustable so you can make the built in wine refrigerator hold whatever beverage containers you want to place inside it.

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53 Bottle Wine Fridge

This built in wine fridge has the ability to keep fifty three bottles of wine chilled, and that is enough bottles of wine for a small restaurant to have plenty of wine on hand for their customers.

My Favorite Features of this 53 Bottle Wine Fridge

Most built-in wine refrigerators do not give the owner the ability to arrange the shelving to better suit them, and this means that a lot of opened bottles of wine get tossed out, because they cannot be placed back inside the chilled cabinet, and kept chilled. The EdgeStar 53 bottle appliance has enough room that you can remove a shelf at the bottom, and create enough space to place open bottles back inside the in an upright position. The following features of this cooling cabinet just made me love it even more.

Shelves can be Removed

The manufacturer designed the unit so that the shelves can be removed. The shelves of a built in wine fridge are designed to hold standard bottles of wine. Larger wine bottles, champagne bottles, and taller cans will not fit on the average shelves. You can remove some of the shelves in this small refrigerator, and easily make room for bigger bottles, or make room to place an opened bottle back into the fridge until later.

53 Bottle Capacity

The ability to store fifty three bottles of wine makes it possible for you to prepare for a large gathering like a wedding reception, or a dinner party. You will be able to have ample amounts of wine on hand, even if you take out some of the shelves to accommodate larger bottles.

Easy to Access Controls

I love the fact that the temperature controls, and the display of the temperature, are centrally located on the front of this mini fridge. You have no trouble accessing the temperature controls when you want to make an adjustment, and it is easy to see the internal temperature every time you look at the appliance. Many cooler designs position the temperature control panel on the side of the appliance, or inside the appliance. I like the controls being positioned on the front where I can see them, and reach them, easily. I like things that make my life more convenient.

Can be used Freestanding

Not everyone has the space beneath their counter to install a built in wine cooler of this size. You do not have to have the space to fit the unit under your counter with this item. It is capable of being used as a freestanding appliance so you do not have to install it beneath a counter. The air vents are in the front, and located at the bottom if you wish to install it under a cabinet, or in a wet bar. That allows the appliance to get a good air return to keep the motor cool.


  • Six Slide out shelves
  • Shelves can be removed
  • Tinted glass doors
  • Reversible door
  • Double panes in door
  • Tempered glass in door
  • Holds fifty three standard bottles of wine
  • Can be used under a counter or used as a freestanding appliance
  • Vents are on the front at the bottom
  • Has a digital temperature display
  • One touch control to change temperature settings
  • Blue LED lighting inside the appliance
  • Built in carbon filter that can be replaced
  • Security lock
  • Fan circulate air
  • Auto defrost
  • ETL approved
  • Low Vibration due to rubber bushings
  • Low noise output due to rubber bushings


  • The slide out drawers do not slide out to full capacity so things in the rear may be hard to reach
  • Fan kicks on too frequently

Final Thoughts

This device may seem too large when you read the description, but if you think about the ability to arrange the shelving so you could store champagne bottles, and larger wine bottles you will see that the extra space is a good thing. Many wine manufacturers bottle their wine in larger than normal sizes so this built in wine cooler will allow you to have your favorite beverage no matter what size bottle it comes packaged in.

I like appliances that allow me to have more choices of how I use them. The removable shelving, and the front placed air filtration system, along with the reversible door, allow me to use this appliance in more ways. In my opinion that makes this appliance a better buy for my needs.

Danial Jones

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