EdgeStar Built-In Dual Zone French Door 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

If you like to entertain, and serve wine while you are entertaining, then I highly recommend the EdgeStar 36 bottle dual zone compressor wine cooler with French doors. You can have both red wines, and white wines, chilled to perfection for your guests using this built in beverage cooler.   36 Bottle Wine Cooler You do not have to have a mansion with an immense expanse of space to be able to install this refrigeration system, and if you do not want to install the unit beneath a countertop you can always place it on the floor, or on top of a cabinet, because this unit can be used freestanding. If you have children in your home, and you fear that they might accidentally get into your built in wine fridge because it sits beneath the counter at a level where they can reach, then you can rest assured that the door locks on the French doors will stop that from happening. Your wine, and your children, are both protected by the locking doors.

Features I Love about the EdgeStar Built In 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

I took a lot of time to review the many different features of this cooling unit. I like that the miniature fridge can hold so many bottles of wine, but I found that the following features made me appreciate this machine even more. EdgeStar_36_Bottle_Built_In_Dual_Zone_French_Door_Wine_Cooler

French Doors

This appliance is not just a dual zone refrigerator that has two temperature settings, this unique device has French doors, with each side opening up to expose a different temperature zone. You can keep you red wine on one side of the cooler and your white wine on the other. You will have an equal amount of space for storing the two separate types of wine, and you will not have to disturb one type of wine so that you can get to the other type. If you have a mini fridge designed to have dual temperature zones, but the device has only one door to access the wine kept inside it, then you have to allow warm air to enter the unit each time you open the door. This could interfere with the proper regulation of temperature inside the cooler. When you have two doors you only allow the warm air to enter into one side of the unit at a time. EdgeStar_36_Bottle_Dual_Zone_French_Door_Wine_Cooler

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Wooden Shelves

I love that this refrigerated wine pantry has wooden shelves. You might be thinking that wooden shelves are harder to clean than metal, or plastic shelves, would be. You are right about that, but wooden shelves provide more stability for your wine bottles than plastic shelves do, and they protect your bottles from being broken better than metal shelves do. I love having wooden shelves in my built in 36 Bottle Wine Cooler. The shelving inside this piece also slides out so that you can easily reach the items that might be on the back of the shelves, as well as the items at the front of the shelves. The sliding shelves allow you easy access, and they allow you to be able to clean the device thoroughly when it is time to do so.


  • Dual zone
  • French doors
  • Ten Wooden shelves that slide out to full depth
  • Two wooden shelves that slide out partially
  • Independent locks on each door
  • Front vents so the appliance can be mounted beneath a cabinet or counter top
  • Can maintain a temperature ranging from forty degrees to sixty five degrees
  • Black dot matrix on the glass doors for ultraviolet light protection
  • Carbon filters to eliminate odor
  • Blue LED lights
  • Internal fan to circulate air
  • Digital display of temperature
  • One touch controls for adjusting temperature
  • Can be used as a freestanding unit
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Low vibration
  • Holds thirty six bottles of wine


  • The interior light is not very bright
  • There is not a lock on the control panel

Final Thoughts

A built in beverage cooler was once thought of as a luxury item. People who made average to medium incomes did not even entertain the thought of having one of the items in their home. They bought their wine, and if they wanted it chilled, then they chilled it in a bucket of ice, or they placed it in their household refrigerator. The household refrigerator did not accommodate the wines very well because the temperature of those appliances was not adequate for the wines. Now that people realize that a built in 36 Bottle Wine Cooler is not a luxury item, but is an affordable item that allows them to enjoy their wine at the perfect temperature, more people are investing in them.

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