Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener Black

Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener Black

This black electric wine opener looks very stylish, and it compliments any decor. For me, this is one of the best wine opener. It is sturdy and can be used commercially or in private homes. I love the unit and would recommend it to any of my friends.

Features I love about this Electric Wine Opener Black

I particularly like the following features of the Epicureanist electric wine opener.

Foil Cutter Fits on Charging Base

If you have ever owned an electric wine opener with a foil cutter then you know how easy it is to misplace or lose the foil cutter. The charging base of this appliance has a spot designated for the foil cutter to be placed in when it is not being used. Your cutter stays handy and ready for use.

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Has a Clear Shell to Display Function

I love watching the cork being extracted from the bottle. It amazes me each time it happens. I do not have to wonder how long before the cork is clear of the bottle neck because I can see the cork pulling out of the bottle. The LED light makes this process even more intriguing.

Easily Releases the Cork 

You do not have to push a button, or reverse a switch to get the electric wine opener to release the cork it just removed. The appliance is designed to release the cork automatically after it is free from the neck of the bottle.

Removes Natural and Synthetic Corks

The use of synthetic corks in wine bottles is increasing, and unfortunately, a lot of the electric wine openers are not designed to remove synthetic corks. This appliance removes both types of corks.


  • Removes plastic corks as well as wood or bamboo corks
  • Allows you to see the cork being removed
  • Automatically releases the cork when it is free of the bottle
  • Does not leave bits of cork in the wine


  • Battery is not long lasting and may have to be replaced within the first year
  • Slightly more expensive than some other brands of electric wine openers

Final Verdicts

I cannot say enough good things about this product, or the manufacturer. I use my electric wine opener on a regular basis and it is always ready to use and it has not failed me. I like to use it when I have friends over because I can impress them with how smoothly I can open a bottle of wine.

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