Fitting a Small Wine Cooler into Your Space

A lot of people have resisted the urge to buy a small wine cooler because they think that they do not have enough space or don’t know how to Fitting Small Wine Cooler in their homes, or offices, to keep one of the refrigerated cabinets. I am here to dispel this train of thought, and provide you with some ideas on where to place one of these units in your home.

Fitting a Small Wine Cooler into Your Space Isn’t Tough At All

The kitchen is a great place for keeping a refrigerated cabinet. These appliances are generally designed in black, or stainless steel, so they go well with the most popular kitchen appliances. The majority of people who get these refrigerated appliances place them on top of the counter in their kitchen. The newer versions of the wine fridge are as small as a microwave oven so they fit on top of counters. You can even buy single bottle wine chillers that are no larger than a standard coffee maker if you have very little room on your countertop.


It is possible to place one of these mini fridges on a shelf so that it does not take up any of your counter space. You can use an existing shelf as long as the shelf is deep enough for the appliance, and the power cord from your appliance can reach the electrical outlet.

You can use these mini fridges in your living room. The cabinet on these items is very attractive and the majority of them have clear glass panels on the doors so you can see the wine stored inside them. The soft LED lighting illuminates the wine bottles inside the cabinet, and creates an interesting, and decorative piece. In your living room you can place the refrigerated unit on a bookshelf of the proper width. The unit would look nice sitting on an end table and you could place a tray with some wine glasses on top of the appliance to create an inviting arrangement. Most of these appliances have on and off controls for the lighting so you can turn the lights off if they are disturbing you while you watch television.

Skybar_WP0550 ONE_1_Wine_Preservation_System

You can place one of these small appliances in the break room at your office building, or on top of a file cabinet in your private office. Most of the time wine in the office is only served on special occasions so keeping it in a private office is perfectly acceptable. Most of the refrigerated cabinets have locking cylinders and keys so you do not have to fear unauthorized sampling of the wine stored in them

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