Igloo Free Standing Beverage Center Review and Expert Guide

I do not have an area in my office to place a built in beer fridge and that was the first reason that I decided to review this Free Standing Beverage Center. I was looking for a free standing beer fridge to use in my office. The second reason I chose to look this unit over was that it is made by Igloo. I know this brand, and most people recognize this brand, so I thought it was a good idea to look at this unit.

Free Standing Beverage Center

I was not sorry that I chose to review this refrigerated cabinet. I have a hard time calling this a beer cooler because this is truly a beverage center. You can chill wines or anything that comes in a can, and there is a way to customize the interior of the cabinet so that your containers are properly sustained inside it.

I like to get value for the money I spend and with this appliance, I find that I get a lot of value for every dollar that I spent. This beverage center chills all of the beverage varieties that my family likes, and it is constructed to last a long time.

Things I Love about this Free Standing Beverage Center

I found a lot of features on this cheap beer fridge that made it seem to be more like the much more expensive refrigerated units of this style. Before you go to buy one of these items you should consider looking at this one, and the following features it has.

Can Hold Wine Bottles or Beverage Cans

When you buy a beer can cooler you will want to buy an appliance that will serve your needs for a long time. You will look for the best beer fridge that is constructed of good materials, and that has a good warranty. If you truly want an item that will serve you well for the amount of money you spend then you should consider this beer chiller. This cabinet is perfect for cans of beer, but it also holds bottles of wine. You increase the types of containers you are allowed to keep chilled when you buy an item that is versatile like this one.

There are three glass shelves in the cabinet of this appliance that is perfect for holding twelve-ounce cans of drink. There is also a wire shelf that is designed perfectly to hold bottles of wine. You can place your favorite beverages in this unit no matter what container they are served in.

Temperature Control Panel on the Glass Door Panel

A beer fridge should supply you with a way to adjust the internal temperature. Some people like beer kept warmer than other people. Some people will be using this appliance to store soda which is normally kept at a much lower temperature than beer or wine. Having the temperature control panel located on the glass door allows you to see the current temperature, then raise or lower that temperature by touching a portion of the glass. You will not have to open the door of the cabinet or get your reading glasses out to help you determine what the current temperature of the unit is. I vote that all mini fridge manufacturers start to place their temperature control pads on the door like this.

Elegant and Attractive

Everyone wants the things they place in their home to be attractive. Even if you place this refrigerated beer cooler in an area where the majority of your guests will never see it you want it to be attractive when you see it. This unit is designed to be pleasing to the eye, and it is complimentary with the majority of decorating styles. You will not be embarrassed for your friends and family to see this appliance.


  • Can hold thirty-six wine bottles or one hundred and fifty twelve ounce cans
  • Electronic temperature controls located on the glass door
  • Flat pane glass door showcases the beverages inside the appliance
  • Has three glass shelves
  • Chrome rack for holding wine bottles
  • Tempered glass door
  • Recessed handle
  • Elegant in appearance
  • Manufacturer offers standard warranty
  • Manufacturer offers an extended warranty for a small charge


  • Not an ideal unit for built in installations. The back portion of the refrigerated cabinet needs to have three to four inches of space between it and anything else.
  • Door is not reversible

Final Thoughts

I do not advocate buying appliances like beer fridges simply by their manufacturer name. I do advocate all people examine the details of any appliance that is made by a manufacturer they are familiar with. If you have faith in the manufacturer then you are more likely to be happy with the appliance that you select.

Danial Jones

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