Haier HVCE 15BBH Built-in or Freestanding 26 Bottle Wine Cellar

Haier HVCE15BBH Built-In or Freestanding 26-Bottle Wine Cellar A lot of built in wine cooler reviews will tell you when a built in 26 Bottle Wine Cellar is perfect for a beginning wine collector and when a built in wine fridge is good for an established wine collector. Those reviews do not often point out that some of those appliances are perfect for both the beginning collector and the established collector. I am here to tell you that this is the perfect appliance for beginning collectors, and for established collectors. This device holds enough bottles of wine for you to either take advantage of great sales prices on your favorite beverage or for you to plan for a large gathering of friends. The temperature control set the temperature of the mini fridge to a perfect degree so that you can have red wines, or white wines, that are at their peak flavor potential.

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Features I Love about the Haier 26 Bottle Wine Cellar

The Haier twenty six bottle built in wine cooler is possibly the perfect cooling unit for everyone that drinks wine. It provides you with enough space to keep a proper supply of wine on hand for any occasion. The device is attractive and enhances the look of the room that it is placed in. It is affordable, dependable, and has many excellent features. I finally narrowed my choices of favorite features on this built in wine refrigerator down to the following. 26 Bottle Wine Cellar

Automatic door stop

You might think that an automatic door stop is relatively a simple feature, and I thought the same thing until I got an appliance that did not have an automatic doorstop. Without an automatic doorstop, the door of the unit swings wide and hits the other appliances or the counter on each side of it. These frequent bumps into other items leave the doors damaged, and the hinges on the door start to sag so the door does not close properly. With an automatic door stop, the doors of the mini fridge take less punishment so they last longer.

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Locking Door with Key

This built in wine refrigerator has a lock that is key operated. This makes the perfect wine refrigeration unit for anyone that shares an apartment, or dorm room because you can stop unauthorized samplers from getting to your wine. You can also stop children from being able to have access to the wine. I believe that locking doors with keys on any type of liquor cabinet is a smart idea. I love that this appliance has a locking door that is key operated.


You can install this unit as a built in component, or you can install it as a freestanding appliance. This allows a larger number of people to be able to use this piece in their homes. Not everyone has a cabinet, or wet bar, to install the cooler into, so having the versatility to use this as a freestanding appliance makes it a better purchase for more people.

Electronic Temperature Control

The electronic temperature control has a digital display that reveals the accurate temperature inside the refrigeration system. You will not have to guess what the temperature is or have to try and read a small mercury thermometer. You will know to the precise degree how hot, or cold, the interior of the unit is.

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  • Five storage racks
  • Can be used as a built in or a freestanding wine cooler
  • LED display
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Automatic door stop
  • Full one year warranty
  • Flat full view glass door
  • Locking door with a key for safety
  • Gray safety glass door
  • Double pane door
  • Quiet running


  • Some assembly required
  • Interior light may be difficult to turn on and off
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Final Thoughts

If you have ever entertained the idea of buying a wine cooler then I urge you to consider purchasing one of these refrigeration systems. I honestly believe that this is one of the best built in wine coolers on the market. It has tons of great features that will help you to keep your wine chilled perfectly and it is built to last. It operates very quietly so that you will forget the appliance is in the room with you. This built in wine fridge is priced affordably, and it comes with a full one year warranty. This device keeps either red wines or white wines, at the perfect temperature for drinking. I believe that this miniature fridge will properly fulfill your cooling needs for your private wine collection. I recommend this appliance frequently when people ask me about these types of systems. I am confident that anyone that purchases this cooling unit will be satisfied with their purchase.

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