How to Use a Wine Cooler

If you have not yet had the experience of serving chilled wine directly from a wine fridge then you might want to consider the following tips on how to use a wine cooler.

Chill Your Beverage

An electric wine cooler allows you to chill your beverage to a temperature that will enhance the flavor of your favorite wine. Some dessert wines simply get sweeter when they get warmer. In order to preserve the flavor of the wine you would chill the bottles to a temperature between forty degrees and fifty degrees to protect the integrity of the wine.

Why Use a Wine Cooler Instead of a Bucket of Ice?

A bucket of ice is a messy alternative to a wine fridge. The bucket of ice will chill wine, and it will chill wine quicker than the standard wine refrigerator will. If you do chill your beverage in a bucket of ice you need to drink the beverage before the ice melts, but if you use an electric refrigerated cabinet your wine will be ready when you are, and there will be no problems if you get delayed.

If you are using a bucket of ice you care going to have a real mess to clean up after the party, but the refrigerated cabinet will produce no mess.

Putting the Wine on to Chill

If you want to have perfectly chilled wine to drink you should place the bottles in the wine fridge at least two hours prior to serving. The warm bottles of wine will raise the temperature inside the cooling cabinet and that temperature will have to return to the preset one before the actual chilling process begins. Once the temperature returns to the preset range the glass of the bottles will begin to cool down, and then the liquid inside the bottles will begin to cool.

Use your Wine Refrigerator as a Display Case

You can collect bottles of wine and use your refrigerated cabinet as a display case for those bottles of wine. Most of the mini fridges made to chill wine have glass doors on them. You can see inside the glass doors and view the bottles of wine inside. The majority of these units also have soft Blue LED lighting on the interior of the cabinet. The soft LED lighting will illuminate the bottles and create a dreamy effect inside the cooling case. You can set the appliance up so that people can see it, and enjoy seeing the wine you have stored inside it.

Party Preparation

If you are having a dinner party, or any type of party where you will serve wine as a beverage to your guests you can use the wine storage units to prepare. If you place the bottles of wine you will need at your party in your household refrigerator you will use valuable space that you will need for the food you plan to serve your guests. By chilling the beverages in the wine cooling cabinet you can be prepared to serve the beverage, and still retain the space in your household refrigerator.

Use your Refrigerated Cabinet as a Safe

Most of the refrigerated cabinets that are designed to chill wine have locks on them. If you have children in your home then you will want to make sure and lock any beverages containing alcohol up so the children never accidentally get any of the beverage. If you live in a shared apartment you will want to lock your beverages up so that unauthorized users do not help themselves to them. You can have your bottles of wine secure behind a lock and key, and yet have them in an area that is easy to reach, and easy to see when you want to display the contents of the refrigerated safe.

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