Kalamera 12 Inch Built In Wine Cooler 18-bottle Stainless Steel Door Digital Temperature Control


You might think that you do not need, or cannot have a built in wine cooler, because you do not have a large storage place for your wine, or that you do not have a lot of money to invest in a wine collection. You can have a 12 Inch Built In Wine Cooler and you should have one of these items if you like to drink a chilled beverage in the comfort of your own home.

Most of the standard wine coolers hold between twelve and forty five bottles of wine. You do not have to be a major collector to have that many bottles of wine. You can have that many bottles just because you took advantage of a sale and stocked up on your favorite drink. Kalamera 12'' Built-in Wine Cooler 18-bottle Stainless Steel Door Digital Temperature Control

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Features I Love about this 12 Inch Built In Wine Cooler

When you buy a wine cooler you have one purpose in mind for that appliance. More than likely you have a favorite wine that you like to drink chilled, and you want to be able to keep several bottles of that wine on hand. Then after you get the built in wine fridge installed you begin to realize that it has other features that make it handier than a shirt pocket. The following features make this 12 Inch built in wine refrigerator stand out from the crowd.

One Touch Temperature Control

The one touch temperature control on this built in wine cooler means that with the simple touch of a finger you can adjust the internal temperature of the built in beverage cooler to your preference. It is easy to change the temperature and easy to read the digital display that tells you what temperature the appliance is currently holding.

Quiet And Only 12 Inch Built In Wine Cooler

Have you ever had an appliance with a compressor that was so loud when the compressor kicked on that you had to increase the volume on your television or your radio in order to be able to hear. Some of the built in wine coolers are so loud that they can actually awaken you from sleep when the compressor kicks in. This 12 Inch Built In Wine Cooler is quiet when it operates because of the new technology used to design the compressor. Another benefit of the quiet compressor is the compressor does not cause the built in wine fridge to vibrate violently. The lower amount of vibration keeps your wine from being disturbed.

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Embedded Carbon Filter

I hate to bring up the subject of odors in built in wine cooler reviews, but there does come a time when these appliances tend to start having a foul odor. They stay shut most of the time and that is why the odors start to form. The embedded carbon filter will eliminate the foul odors that might build up in your built in beverage cooler.

Alternate Door Hinges

I love the fact that this Kalamera wine cooler comes with alternate door hinges that allow you to choose what side you want the door to open from. Most built in wine coolers come with one door hinge and you have to arrange things to work with the direction the door opens in. With this small wine fridge you choose which direction the door swings and you can arrange your appliance according to your idea of what looks best in your house.

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  • Blue LED interior light can be turned on or off
  • Reaches desired temperature very quickly
  • Has gray glass doors to reduce wine damage from exposure to ultra violet rays
  • Very quiet while operation
  • Low vibrations so the wine is not disturbed
  • Racks allow wine to lie flat so the cork does not dry out
  • Manufacturer is quick to deal with any issues you might have concerning your built in wine fridge
  • Holds up to 18 bottles of wine


  • Some assembly is required

Final Thoughts

I love having my favorite wine on hand when friends drop by unannounced, or when I simply want to sip a glass of wine. Having a built in wine cooler allows me to have my wine chilled to the perfect temperature so I do not have to ice a bottle and wait for it to achieve the correct temperature.

A built in wine cooler is a small luxury that you can afford to give yourself without feeling any guilt or remorse. Having a built in beverage cooler in your home allows you to have chilled bottles of wine, champagne, beer, water, or soda, available when the occasion arrives to consume these beverages. You will be ready to entertain at the drop of a hat, and your guests will be amazed at how prepared you always are. 

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