Kalamera 15 Inch Built in Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Single Zone with Touch Control


Kalamera Wine Cooler 30 Bottle with Touch Control, The best product launched by kalamera ever. Touch control makes it more sophisticated. There was a time not too long ago when only wealthy people entertained the thought of buying built in wine coolers, but today with the compact sizes, the affordable prices, and the versatility of the built in beverage coolers has allowed everyone that wants to keep their wine chilled and ready to consume able to own one of these refrigeration units.

Kalamera 15'' Wine Refrigerator 30 Bottle Built-in Single Zone with Touch Control

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Features I Love about this 15 Inch Built in Wine Cooler

When I read built in wine coolers reviews I like to see the reasons why the person writing the review liked the appliance they wrote about more than they liked another appliance of the same type. I am curious to know which features attract buyers before they buy, and then which features the buyer fell in love after they had used the appliance for a short period of time.

Compact Size

One of the reasons I choose to add this 15 Inch Built in Wine Cooler to my wine cooler reviews is the compact size of the appliance. It easily fits into the majority of homes because it is only fifteen inches wide. You can mount it under the cabinet, or it can be used as a freestanding appliance. Since this unit is only fifteen inches in width it will easily fit into space left by an old trash compactor.

Gray Glass Door

When you pair the gray glass door on this built in wine cooler with the blue LED lighting on the interior the result is a breathtakingly beautiful combination. The gray glass door serves the purpose of filtering out harmful ultraviolet light rays. When the ultraviolet light rays are allowed to penetrate a built in wine cooler they cause the interior of the appliance to heat up and they damage the wine in the bottles.

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The ultraviolet light rays can cause the wine to spoil before the cork has ever been removed from the bottle. This is one reason wines were once kept in the basement of a building. The basement was generally dark and cool, so the wine stayed slightly chilled and it received no sun exposure so it lasted much longer. It does not matter if you plan to keep your bottles of wine for two months or twenty years, you want to keep them from being exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Low Vibration

If you have ever poured a glass of your favorite wine and thought that the wine tasted bitter then you have tasted wine that had the sediment in the bottle disturbed. In order to prevent sediment stirring the experts suggest that we buy a 15 Inch Built in Wine Cooler like this one that does not produce much vibration while in operation.

Sliding Shelves

The sliding shelves make this mini-fridge a versatile cooling device. If you prefer to drink beer or soda, you can slide the beech wood shelves out, and stack these smaller beverage containers on the shelves. You can have a beverage for everyone in the house stored in this cooling system.

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  • Frost free
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Gray glass door
  • Sliding beechwood racks
  • Low noise producing
  • Low vibrations
  • Under the counter mount or freestanding option
  • Digital temperature display with one touch control to adjust temperature settings
  • Front facing ventilation system
  • Blue LED Interior Lighting


  • Some assembly may be required

Final Thoughts

People are always advising other people to act on impulse rather than over thinking a situation. When it comes to choosing a built in wine cooler I believe that you should think long and hard about the systems you are considering and what makes each appliance one that you will like. Before you make a purchase you should measure the area where you will be storing the unit. 

  • Then decide if you will be storing red wines, white wines, both types of wine, or a mixture of wines and canned beverages.
  • Determine how much you can afford to spend on the unit
  • Decide if you like blue interior lighting or white interior lighting
  • Decide whether you will want the appliance to have one door or French doors
  • Do you prefer wooden shelves, wire shelves or a combination of wood and wire on the shelves
  • Read built in wine cooler reviews and see what customers who have already purchased the device have thought about it

This might sound extreme to some people, but when you are making any purchase you should find out as much as you can about the item you are buying before you spend your money. That is all about 15 Inch Built in Kalamera Wine Cooler from me, if I missed anything please let me know via comments so that I can add to this article.

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