Kalamera Beverage Refrigerator Stainless Steel Touch Control

Most of the time when you have beverages at home the drinks are stored in your kitchen refrigerator. If you have a lot of company over you might place the beverages in a cooler and cover them with ice. With this Kalamera Beverage Refrigerator you will be able to keep up to one hundred and fifty cans of drink chilled, and you will not have to dig around inside a cooler of ice, or go into your kitchen and allow the interior of your kitchen refrigerator to be heated up because the door is opened so frequently.

kalamera_beverage refrigerator stainless steel touch control

Things I Love about this Kalamera Beverage Refrigerator

I love the convenience of having chilled beverages on hand without having to keep the drinks in my household refrigerator. The following features made this appliance more acceptable in my opinion.

Freestanding with Adjustable Shelving

This appliance is completely freestanding. It does not have a tendency to tip over because it has been designed to stand without a cabinet to support it. I like this because I can place the unit anywhere I choose. I like to rearrange my furniture often so this feature allows me to move the cabinet whenever the mood strikes me.

The adjustable shelves allow me to keep standard twelve-ounce cans, or keep the taller cans, or bottles, or whatever beverage containers I choose to place in my refrigerated cabinet. I customize the interior of my unit according to what event I am preparing for.

kalamera beverage refrigerator

Interior LED Lighting

If you have a beer refrigerator that holds twenty or thirty cans it is possible that you do not need an interior light to help you make your selection when you open the door. This refrigerated cabinet holds one hundred and fifty cans so there is a good chance that you will want to have an interior light to help you see what type of beverage you are selecting unless you keep only one flavor in the unit at a time.

An LED light does not produce the same amount of heat that older light sources created. The LED light will not cause your compressor on your refrigeration unit to have to work more frequently to keep the interior of the unit as cold as you like.

Whisper Quiet Compressor

A whisper quiet compressor is not an important feature for a lot of people because they store their beer coolers in basements, and garages that are far away from where the people in the house are sleeping. My beer cooler is stored in my den, and my den is right next to my daughter’s bedroom. My daughter sleeps very lightly and is awakened by the slightest noise. The compressor on this unit is so quiet that it kicks on and off without ever waking the baby up. When I am watching movies I do not have to adjust the volume on my television to compensate for the noise of the refrigerator compressor. In my house silence is golden and I recommend this unit because it helps to maintain peace in my home.

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kalamera 150 can beverage refrigerator stainless steel

Touch Controls for Regulating Temperature

If you have the best beer refrigerator you will want to adjust the temperature inside the cabinet so that your beverages are chilled to the temperature you prefer. Some people like their canned beverages to be very cold, while other people prefer their canned beverages to be warmer. With the simple touch controls of this refrigerated unit, you will be able to have your drinks at the precise temperature you like.

The control pad is easy to reach so you have no trouble setting the temperature up or down. You can see what temp the interior is already set at, and make changes by simply touching one button.

kalamera 150 can beverage refrigerator


  • Comes with power cord
  • Touch controls for temperature setting
  • Stainless steel framed door
  • LED interior lighting
  • Quiet operating compressor
  • Freestanding appliance
  • Tempered glass door
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Holds as many as one hundred and fifty standard twelve-ounce beverage cans
  • Temperature range from thirty-eight degrees to fifty degrees


  • This appliance is not suitable to use as a built in the beer fridge. The condenser tube is routed through the top of the cabinet, and across two sides of the cabinet. You must be careful to not set anything on the top of the cabinet, and do not set anything close enough to touch the sides of the unit because the top and the two sides get very warm.
  • Is not an ideal cooler for complex red wines because the temperature settings are too cold for those wine varieties

Final Thoughts

I love this appliance at my home, but it holds so many cans of soda, beer, or other beverages, that it would work wonderfully in a commercial environment.

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