Kalamera 12 Bottle Freestanding Single Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge

A small wine cooler can enable you to have chilled wine for your dinner parties, or for those times you want to sit back and sip a glass. This particular Single Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge will allow you to keep twelve bottles of wine on hand, or you can remove the shelves and adjust the number of bottles the unit will hold. Many times we buy wine in bottles that are larger than the 750 ml and most wine coolers that have shelves that are fixed in place will not handle larger sizes of bottles.

You can even remove the shelves and store a combination of beer, soda, and wine so that everyone at your dinner party has the drink they like chilled to perfection.

Kalamera 12 Bottle Freestanding Single Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge

Features I love about this Single Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge

Here are some exclusive features of this wine fridge that I love most :

LED Display Light

This small wine cooler is an attractive addition to any room, and the LED light inside the unit showcases the wine bottles and allows you to select a beverage without turning on the overhead lights in the room.

Push Button Controls

You can easily set the temperature to the exact degree you desire using the easy to operate push button controls. The control is conveniently positioned so it is easy to reach. You can set the temperature as low as fifty degrees or as high as 66 degrees.

Kalamera 12 Bottle Freestanding Single Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge

Semi-Conductor Cooling

The technology that provides us with semiconductor cooling has provided us with a means to refrigerate items while using very little electricity. That makes the unit very inexpensive to operate.

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  • The unit is quiet so it does not disturb you if you put it in a living room or bedroom
  • The unit does not vibrate
  • The shelves are removable


  • When the door is opened the temperature fluctuates upwards as much as three degrees. This happens even if the door is opened for only a few seconds.
  • Some assembly is required

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Final Words 

I think that this Single Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge is a perfect addition to any home. You can place this unit in your kitchen and have chilled wine ready for your guests, or you could place it in your living room so that you could keep cold beverages on hand for entertaining or movie watching.

The removable shelves allow you to use the unit to cool whatever beverages you desire. I would highly recommend owning not one, but several of these small wine coolers.

Danial Jones

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