Kalorik CKS 40211 Wine Lovers Bottle Opener Set Review

When you purchase this set from Kalorick you do not get just an electric wine opener. You get a set to help you open, serve, and preserve your favorite wine. That means you get a money saving set that over time will pay for itself. I like that about the electric wine opener, and I have a few more favorite features listed below.



You get the foil opener to help you remove the seal over the cork. You get the rechargeable battery pack, and the charging station. Best of all you get two rubber stoppers to use to seal opened bottles with. These stoppers will allow you to keep previously opened bottles of wine fresh for as much as a week, sometimes longer, after they are opened. These stoppers save you a lot of money and keep you from having to pour out any of your favorite wine.

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Wine Pourer

The wine pourer is technically an accessory but I believe that it is a stand-alone accessory. With the wine pourer you can actually improve the taste of your favorite wine.

Attractive Design

I know that looks are not supposed to matter, but believe me looks matter. This set has an attractive black charging base where all of the components can be stored and kept. The working components are stainless steel pieces with clear bottoms so you can see the corks being removed, and see the stopper being inserted.



  • Wine pourer included
  • Rubber stoppers included
  • Vacuum preserver included
  • Can open 3L bottles
  • Can remove plastic corks
  • Long battery life
  • 1 yr warranty


  • The AC adapter is not bivolt so it can operate appliances on US currents and European currents
  • The aerator is not automatic

Final Verdicts

If you are going to get an electric wine opener then it will behoove you to get one that comes as a complete set and enhances your wine drinking experience. Without the wine pourer, the vacuum sealer, the foil cutter, and the rubber stoppers, you get a glorified corkscrew. With the accessories you get the tools that will make wine opening a presentation that you can perform repeatedly for friends and family. I recommend this opener to anyone that ever needs to open a bottle of wine, and to all of the gadget lovers.

Danial Jones

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