Koldfront Built In Single Zone Wine Cooler


Having a Built In Single Zone Wine Cooler in your home office, game room, den, garage, kitchen, or recreation room, was one time thought of as a luxury. Today technology has caused the built in wine cooler to be cheaper to build, so they are priced more affordable, and more people are able to own one of them. Koldfront Built In Single Zone Wine Cooler

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I have read several Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler reviews in an attempt to find one of these appliances that would do everything I wanted it to do and would fit where I wanted to place it. I finally decided to do built-in wine cooler reviews for myself so that I could find the right appliance, and then I decided to share my reviews so everyone else could find the right built-in beverage cooler for their needs.

Features I love about this Built In Single Zone Wine Cooler

I must tell you that I fell in love with every aspect of this built in wine fridge. The following features are some that I found outstanding.

Slender Width

The cooling cabinet of this system is not more than fifteen inches wide. The slender width makes it a perfect choice to replace the old garbage disposal units that are prevalent in homes constructed in the seventies. You do not need a large amount of room to install one of these appliances, so more people have the option of owning one, and this particular appliance can be placed on top of a table, under a cabinet, or simply freestanding on any level surface. Single Zone Wine Cooler

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Fan Forced Ventilation

Fan forced ventilation allows the cooling system to pull the heated air that is forced out of the appliance away from the back of the unit, and send in fresh cool air. With fan forced ventilation you benefit because the temperature inside the appliance stays constant without the compressor having to kick on as often. That means this wine refrigerator consumes less power. You also benefit by having a device that lasts longer than the versions that do not have fan forced ventilation. Since this unit can be placed under a cabinet, the ventilation is located at the front of the unit.

Soft Touch Electronic Controls

The soft touch electronic controls inside this appliance are easy to reach, easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to operate. The controls are positioned on the front of the cooling cabinet so they are easy to reach if the unit is placed under a cabinet. You simply push a button to raise, or lower, the temperature inside the refrigerated section, and there is a digital display to show you what the temperature inside the appliance is.

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Slide Out Wire Shelves

Everyone likes the protective aspects of wooden shelves inside a built in wine cooler, but when it comes time to clean those wooden shelves everyone agrees that they wish they had bought a unit that had wire shelves. The wire shelves inside this built in beverage cooler can be pulled out so you can reach the back portion of the appliance, and they are easy to wipe down and keep clean.

Enhanced Lighting

The blue LED lighting inside this appliance is soft, attractive, and mesmerizing. You will have enough light to read the labels on your wine bottles when you open the door to take one out, but the blue LED light does not produce a great amount of heat, so it will not cause the internal temperature to be raised. You do have a power switch that allows you to turn off the blue LED lighting when you wish. I find that this lighting showcases the bottles of wine I have stored inside my chilling cabinet, so I leave my light on most of the time.


  • Does not have to be hardwired it comes with a power cord attached
  • Slide out wire shelves
  • Can be used freestanding
  • Tempered glass doors
  • Blue LED lighting
  • Digital temperature display
  • One touch control panel
  • Holds as many as 30 standard wine bottles
  • Compressor cooled interior
  • Handle is built into side of door so it does not protrude or add depth to the appliance
  • Fan circulated air inside
  • One year warranty
  • Attractive design
  • Glass panes block out ultraviolet light


  • Might be noisier than some other built in wine coolers

Final Thoughts

Before you decide which of these appliances to buy I urge you to read the article The Best Built In Wine Cooler reviews 2017. Choose about four of the appliances, and then go read the in-depth articles about each one of them. Then you will be prepared to compare the different versions of these appliances and choose one that will suit your needs.

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