Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew with Built-in Foil Cutter

A built in foil cutter means you never lose this important accessory. I fell in love with this electric wine opener the day I first saw it in action and I still love it today.

Metrokane Electric Rabbit Rechargeable Corkscrew with Built-in Foil Cutter

Features I love about this Wine Opener

The following features keep me loving this best electric wine opener.

Built in Foil Cutter

Yes, I love that the foil cutter is built into the device. The foil cutters of other electric wine openers are usually separate pieces that you have to keep track of. That means that you put them in a drawer for safe keeping and if you are like me they get lost in the drawer and you go back to removing the foil seals off of the wine bottles by hand or using a paring knife.

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Clear Shell

The clear shell on the lower portion of the electric wine opener led you to see the device in action. You know exactly when the cork pops out of the bottle. Watch closely because it only takes a few seconds for this opener to extract a cork.

Removes all Types of Corks

I like all types of wine, and since many manufacturers have begun to use synthetic corks to replace the natural wood ones I have discovered that wine bottles are harder than ever to open. Most openers do not accommodate the plastic corks, but this one removes them with ease.


  • Removes natural and plastic corks
  • Has a long battery life and will open many bottles before it needs to be recharged. You can use it while it is plugged into the outlet and charge if you need to
  • Has a clear shell so you can see the cork being removed
  • Has a built in foil cutter
  • It is attractive and will look go in any kitchen setting


  • Does not have a charging light indicator
  • Designed to work using United States 110v electricity so it will need an adapter to be operated in Europe

Final Verdicts

I really cannot say enough good things about this electric wine opener. I like the color, I like the design, I like how well it works, how long the battery lasts, and I even liked the price. I believe that this is one of the best electric wine openers on the market and I would recommend this as a personal item, or as a gift for your friends.

Danial Jones

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