NewAir AW Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


Having a Built-in Wine cellar, or a wine cooler, was once a privilege only afforded to those of great wealth. The average person could not even dream of affording such a luxury in their home. Today we have the ability to have special coolers to hold our treasured vintages of wine. I like this wine cooler because of its: NewAir AW Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Stainless Steel Wine fridge

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Features I love About this Thermoelectric Wine Cooler : 

Compact Design

This cooling appliance has a compact design so it can easily fit into small spaces and does not take up a lot of room. I like the fact that this cooler works well in small homes, apartments, and dorm rooms.

Quiet Running

I love the fact that this cooler is quiet. If you do live in a small space the last thing you want is an appliance that is noisy or distracting. This wine chiller runs quietly and has no vibrations that could shake up the wine. NewAir Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

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Exterior Finish

I love the black exterior finish with the stainless steel door frame. This combination adds a sophisticated touch of elegance to any home décor. The stainless steel provides a modern look, while the black can be paired with any other interior colors.

Dual Temperature

This cooling appliance has dual temperature control so you can safely keep your reds and your whites in the same unit. I like the freedom of having all of my wines at their optimum temperature.

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  • Dual temperature control
  • The LED lighting that shines inside the unit creates a beautiful effect
  • The unit is designed to hold slim bottles of wine
  • Internal LED lighting has an on and off switch
  • Cools very quickly
  • Thermostat is very easy to access


  • Some assembly is required
  • Internal temperature will drop as the external room temperature decreases

I absolutely love this wine cooling unit and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a well-constructed appliance that looks great and functions exactly as it is supposed to. I do not have any regrets in buying this item. I love that you only have to leave about one inch of space between the cooling unit and the walls around it for it to have sufficient air flow venting. That makes it take up even less space in my small apartment. It is elegant looking and you could use it as a decorative item even if you do not drink wine. 

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