NewAir Beverage Cooler Review and Expert Guide | 84 Can

The first question that most people ask when you talk to them about a NewAir Beverage Cooler is, “where would I keep a beer cooler”? That answer is very simple.

  • You can keep one of these refrigerated appliances in a man cave so that you have cold beverages on hand when you are playing games or watching movies.
  • You can keep one of these appliances in an office so you have a cold drink on hand at any time of the day.
  • You can keep one of these units in a waiting room so that your customers have access to a cold beverage while they wait.
  • You can place one of these items in a recreation room so the children do not have to go into the kitchen every time they want a drink.
  • You can keep one of these items in the garage so you have access to a cold drink when you are working outside and you do not have to enter the house often.
  • You can use one of these items in a dorm room.

newair beverage cooler 84 can

Things I Love about this NewAir Beverage Cooler

I found that I loved the customization features of this appliance more than I liked any other feature. This refrigerated unit allows you to store whatever beverages that your family likes to drink, in whatever containers you prefer. This is an all-around best beer refrigerator for everyone.

Temperature Range between 34 and 64 Degrees

The shelves of this beer refrigerator are removable so the interior can be customized to hold the containers that you buy the most often. The best thing about that is the fact that the temperature of the unit can be set between thirty four degrees and sixty four degrees. You will be able to keep any drink that you like inside this refrigerated cabinet.

newair beverage cooler

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Normally these appliances will have temperature ranges established that are proper for one type of beverage. Soda is kept at low temperatures because everyone likes their soda very cold. Water is usually kept at very low temperatures for the same reason. Fruit juices are usually kept at very low temperatures.

Beer is kept at low temperatures by some people, and some people do not even refrigerate their beer. German traditions have beer served at room temperature, but room temperature is a relative term. The beverages should actually be served at about sixty three degrees. That would be the ambient temperature in most cellars in Germany, and in that country, this beverage is usually stored in a cellar, or darkened closet.

Complex red wines are kept at about sixty three degrees as well. White wines are kept at colder temperatures, but they are usually not kept as cold as soda is. The temperature range of this appliance allows you to use it to maintain the beverages that you like the most.

new air beverage cooler 84 can

Removable Racks

I love this feature because being able to remove the racks inside a beer cooler means that you can use your appliance to hold the containers that you normally buy. Most of the beer fridges are designed to hold the standard twelve ounce cans inside them. Not all beverages come in a twelve ounce cans. There are larger cans, smaller cans, and bottles.

Having a beverage center that will house one size container is inconvenient. With this appliance, you can move the shelves around inside the refrigerated cabinet so that you can keep the things you like inside it. This customization feature makes the appliance perfect for every person that is looking to buy a mini fridge.

Automatic Defrost

When I buy an appliance I try to buy ones that will require the least amount of maintenance and attention from me. I am very busy, and most people are very busy, so my time is very valuable, and the automatic defrost on this beer fridge increased my pleasure in the appliance.

The upkeep of this unit is as simple as occasionally wiping out the interior. It defrosts itself, and you do not have any hassles keeping it operating properly. This is an appliance that you simply bring a home plug in, and enjoy.

new air beverage cooler


  • Automatic defrost
  • Holds eighty four twelve ounce cans
  • Removable racks so you can customize the interior
  • Compact size
  • Quiet operations
  • Temperature range between thirty four and sixty four degrees
  • ETL approved
  • Door has no handle
  • freestanding


  • Not recommended as a built-in device because the ventilation escapes from the rear of the cabinet
  • Door is not reversible

Final Thoughts

I know that having one of these appliances is a convenience, and I like having the convenience. I recommend this unit to everyone. It holds a lot of beverages, and it holds a wide variety of beverages. It is affordable, and attractive as well.

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