Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter Black

I am confident that you will love this electric wine opener with foil cutter as much as I do. I love all of the features this appliance has, but the following features are my absolute favorites.

Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter - Black

 Features I love about this Wine Opener

One Button Operation

One button operation means one hand operation. I love this feature. Simply push the down arrow and the electric wine opener extracts the cork, and then push the up arrow and it releases the cork. It is that simple.

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The additional foil opener, wine stopper, and wine pourer make this electric wine opener a wonderful purchase. The wine stopper seals the bottle back completely and allows you to save any wine that is into drank immediately. The pourer oxygenates the liquid as it enters the wine glass so it increases the flavor of your wine, and the foil cutter simply makes life easier.

Clear Bottom so I can see it Work

I like to see the corks coming out of the wine bottles. I like to know when the cork is removed completely and do not want to have to wonder if the electric wine opener is working properly or not. Thus appliance takes the guess work out because you can see all of the action.


  • Opens as many as 60 bottles of wine before needing to be charged
  • Has a clear shell on bottom so you can see the cork coming out of the bottle
  • Has a pretty blue light that glows when it working or when it is in the charging base
  • The stopper helps to preserve your wine when you have leftover wine
  • The pourer aerates the wine and increases the aroma and the flavor of the liquid
  • Sophisticated design
  • Black, so it goes with every décor
  • One button operation


  • Penetrates the cork completely so it cannot be used to re-seal the bottle
  • If you live in the United Kingdom, or in any portion of Europe, then you will need an adapter to make the electric wine opener compatible with your electrical currents

Final Verdicts

If you do not have an electric wine opener then I urge you to buy this version. You will get a small appliance that looks attractive, is easy to operate, is affordable, and will impress all of your friends.

Danial Jones

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