Pyora Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener Complete Bundle with Foil Cutter

Pyora Rechargeable Automatic Electric Wine Opener Complete Bundle with Foil Cutter

I love this wine opener, but as you can see this is a complete wine serving kit, not just an electric wine opener. I think that every wine drinker should have one of these electric wine openers in their home.

Features I love about this Rechargeable Electric Wine Opener

The following features are a few of the reasons I love this electric wine opener.

The Aerated Pourer Enhances Wine Flavor

As you pour your wine using the aerated pourer you will be allowing the liquid to be oxygenated. This process brings out the natural flavors and aromas. Your favorite wine will actually have a richer and fuller taste than when you simply pour the wine through the bottle neck.

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Vacuum Seal Preserves Wine

All wine drinkers know that when you put the cork back in a bottle of wine that you have a limited amount of time to drink the wine because it spoils quickly once it is open. That is because air gets trapped in the bottle when you put the cork back in. This vacuum seal removes the air and preserves the wine.

Long Life on the Rechargeable Battery

You will be able to remove the corks from about forty bottles of wine before you have to recharge the batteries in this electric wine opener. I love the long battery life, but even more than that I love that the battery is rechargeable so I help save the environment while saving money on batteries.


Easy to Use

This cork remover is so easy to use that it makes everyone look like a sophisticated professional. You simply place the opener in position and push a button to extract the cork.


  • Long battery life
  • Foil cutter included
  • Aerated pourer included
  • Vacuum sealer included
  • Lifetime warranty


  • This device will not function on the European power outlets
  • Does not have an indicator light to tell you when it is fully charged

Final Verdicts

I did not include the lifetime warranty in my things I love about this wine opener, but I should have. The lifetime warranty means that this will be the last wine opener that you ever have to invest in. That is a pretty sweet deal.

The beautiful blue LED light adds a dramatic flare to when you are opening your wine.

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