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A small wine cooler is useful for people who live in small spaces. They are also useful for businesses, and for business people to have in their private offices. They allow you to keep a beverage that you enjoy, chilled, and ready to drink. This review includes eleven of the finest of these small appliances.

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I Listed 11 best small Wine Cooler which I loved most and best in current market according to me. I tried to cover the people experiences with those coolers including me.


Igloo 6-Bottle Wine Cooler – Black


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The first thing that you will love about this compact small wine cooler is the fact that the appliance will hold six of your favorite bottles of wine. It is the perfect size wine chiller for a single person, or for a couple.

You do not need a lot of space in your home to have this mini wine refrigerator. It is about the size of a large microwave oven. The legs are adjustable on the bottom of the refrigerated unit so you can make the appliance sit taller, or sit closer to the countertop.

There is an interior light in the refrigerated cabinet so you will have no problem selecting which bottle of wine you want to open. The bottles lie on their side in the unit so the corks are always kept moist and the wine stays good for a longer amount of time.


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There are adjustable temperature controls on this little unit just like the adjustable temperature controls you find on the larger wine cooling units. This feature lets you store white wines, or red wines, at the perfect temp for their consumption. The maintenance of a constant internal temp is helped by the double panes of glass used to create the door on this little refrigerated box. A single pane of glass can allow the cool air to escape, or the warmer air outside of the box to enter, but when the manufacturer placed two panes of glass together they created a pocket of air between the panes of glass. That pocket of air works as an insulator to help hold the cold air inside the refrigerated cabinet, and to keep the warmer air outside of the unit from entering.

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Skybar WP0550 ONE 1-Chamber Wine Preservation System

Skybar_WP0550 ONE_1_Wine_Preservation_System

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This is the ideal way to chill a bottle of wine to perfection. You do not have to worry about getting a bucket of ice and packing a bottle of wine in the ice in hopes of chilling it enough for you to enjoy. You can place the bottle of wine that you intend to drink later that evening in this small wine cooler and rest assured in the knowledge that your beverage will be the perfect temperature when you are ready to open it.

This small wine cooler has been calibrated to chill fifteen different varieties of wine to the perfect temperature. You will get the maximum flavor, aroma, and enjoyment from each bottle of wine that you chill. You will wonder how you ever managed without this wine refrigeration system.

There are also manual temperature controls on the unit. The manual controls allow you to decide what temperature your wine should be rather than having to rely on the preset temps.

If you cannot finish the bottle of wine that you open you will be delighted to know that this device has a vacuum sealing system that will preserve your open bottle for about ten days. You can open a bottle of wine and sip a couple of glasses without having to either consume the entire bottle, or pour out the remainder of the bottle.

This unit sits on your counter and it looks good sitting there. It has an elegant design to make it fit well in any décor. The bottle of wine will be illuminated by an LED light, and there is a backlit digital display telling you what temperature your wine is supposed to be at.

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Culinair AW82S Thermoelectric 8-Bottle Wine Cooler – Silver/Black


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The perfect small wine cooler would be one that would hold enough bottles of wine that you could keep some of your favorite everyday drinking wine on hand, and a few special bottles of wine on hand for those really special occasions.

This cooling unit for wine would be small enough that every house could easily put one in it. This dream refrigeration system would be able to fit into dorm rooms, offices, and homes, and would not be obtrusive.

The perfect cooling unit for wine would be attractive, and it would have soft illumination inside the storage compartment so you could showcase your bottles of wine. A fantasy refrigerated cabinet would allow you the option of turning the interior light on or off when you desired. It would have LED lighting so the temperature inside the box would remain constant.

The perfect wine storage device would have thermostatic controls that were state of the art, and capable of maintaining the perfect temperature inside the unit at all times.

The perfect wine chilling station would have adjustable temperature controls so each person could select the exact temperature they wanted their beverage served at.

The perfect wine chilling station would have adjustable legs so it could be kept perfectly level. When a wine storage cabinet is kept perfectly level it will vibrate less and will disturb the sediment in the wine bottles less.

You do not have to wait until sometime in the future to have the perfect refrigerated device for storing up to eight bottles of wine. The future in now and this appliance already exist.

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Westinghouse WWT060TB Thermal Electric 6 Bottle Wine Cellar with Touch Panel Adjustable Thermostat and Digital Read Out – Black


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If I were to design a small wine cooler it would be capable of holding about six bottles of wine. You would be able to lay the bottles down on their sides so the fluids in the bottle would keep the cork moist enough to not be damaged. When a cork dries out it allows air to enter the bottle and that air causes the wine to break down quickly.

If I designed a small refrigerated unit to store my wine in I would make it able to maintain temperatures between forty six degrees and sixty six degrees. That would make the device capable of chilling white wines cold enough to be delicious and red wines warm enough to retain their full bodied flavor.

If I designed a refrigerated wine chiller it would be basic black in color. Black can be used in any room no matter what decorating style, or color scheme, the room has. Black can be used in offices, elegant rooms, and in simple dens.

If I were the designer of a device that chilled beverages such as wine the unit would have a tempered glass door, and at the top of that door their would be a soft touch control panel for adjusting the interior temperature. I would make a digital display showing the current temperature inside the box so that I could see if I needed to make any adjustments.

I do not need to design the electric chilling box for wine that I have described to you. Westinghouse has already designed a unit that has all of those qualities I named.

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Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar


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If you have ever dreamed of owning a small wine cooler that had the ability to hold as many as twelve bottles of your favorite wines on six chrome storage racks, then this is the perfect refrigerated system for you. The racks inside the chilling cabinet are made of chrome so they are easy to clean. Each rack will hold two bottles of your favorite wine.

Three of the racks are in the upper portion and you can set the temperature for those three racks to be between forty six and sixty six degrees. That makes the three upper racks perfect for you to store your white wines on.

On the bottom three racks you can store up to six bottles of your favorite red wines. The thermostat will allow for temperatures on the lower section of the refrigerated cabinet to be maintained between fifty four degrees and sixty six degrees.

Each section of the refrigeration system has its own digital display showing the current temperature. Along with the digital display there are buttons that allow you to raise or lower the temperature with the simple touch of a button.

The door of the unit is curved so it is attractive to the eye. It is made of smoked glass so it reduces the damaging effects of ultra violet rays, and it has a mysterious and sensuous feeling to it. The unit is elegant in appearance, and it will add beauty to any room it is placed in.

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Wine Enthusiast Silent 8 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator


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This is a wine cooler with a huge amount of style. The beautiful smoked colored glass of the door is tempered so that it does not easily break. The glass panel is framed by stainless steel for looks and stability. The front of the refrigerated unit is not disturb by a handle protruding from the door because this device has a recessed handle. The look is a seamless beauty that allows you to see inside the unit where a soft blue LED light illuminates the bottles of wine stored there.

The shelves inside this refrigerated wine cooling system are designed to hold the standard Bordeauz sized wine bottles, but the shelves can be removed, and reconfigured, so you can store any size wine bottle you choose in the unit. Customizing this device may make it hold fewer bottles of wine at one time, but that is not as important as the ability to hold the bottles you prefer inside the unit.


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You will be able to set the temperature inside this refrigerated cooling box between fifty one degrees and sixty four degrees. That is a range that will allow you to have red wines, or white wines, chilled to the right temperature for consumption. If you want your beverage to have a slight chill, or if you want your beverage to be cold, you will have the ability to adjust the thermostat to create the drink you like.

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Wine Enthusiast 272 03 18 05 Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Upright Bottle Storage – Black


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If you drink wine you know that it is preferred for you to store wine lying on its side. When wine lies on its side the fluid inside the bottle keeps the cork material from becoming dry. If the cork material dries the cork will shrink, and when the cork shrinks it can allow air to get past it. Air in the wine bottle means spoiled wine. Wine drinkers will love that this small wine cooler does store wine bottles in the preferred method, but it also allows for an opened bottle of wine to be stored in an upright position. After a bottle has been opened you do not want to lay it down on its side because the wine could seep out around the cork. This wine refrigerator allows you to have your wine, and save the remainders of the bottle for drinking at a later time.

The dual temperature zone of this refrigerated wine storage unit insures that you can keep red wines and white wines at their best temperature, at the same time, in the same unit. Since most people drink both wine varieties this feature makes perfect sense. This model of refrigerated wine storage has a digital display to show the temperature inside the unit, and a control panel that can change the temperature with the touch of a button.

The upper portion of the refrigerated cabinet holds more bottles than the lower section does. The upper portion keeps a temperature between fifty four and sixty six degrees. That means the upper section will be the best area to store red wines, because the bottom section can be cooled to forty six degrees and that is a better temperature for white wines, or soda.

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AKDY 8 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Counter Top Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Fridge Quiet Operation


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The small wine cooler that you purchase should be one that is quiet. If you buy a wine cellar that is noisy you will not be satisfied, and you are likely to not recommend to your friends that they purchase one of these devices. This particular wine chilling cabinet is whisper quiet so you could even have it in the same room that you sleep in without it disturbing you.

I like the new touchpad control systems. When you look at the digital display on the control pad you will not have any trouble seeing what temperature the interior of the device is holding at. When you want the temperature to be warmer you will touch a button and the thermostat will be set to a higher temperature. If you decide you want the temperature to be lowered you touch another button on the control pad and the interior of the cabinet will become cooler than it was. This is easy for everyone and allows us all to have our beverages served at the temperatures we like.


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You will love that this appliance is very energy efficient and it will not cause your electric bill to be increased. The device is a freestanding unit that can be housed on any flat surface in your home. You do not need to build a cabinet to house the unit, and you do not need any help connecting the unit to the power supply, because it simply plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

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Nostalgia Electrics EWC008BLK 8-Bottle Wine Chiller


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Eight bottles of wine is plenty of wine for a large dinner party. It is a sufficient amount of wine to insure you that you will have the ability to indulge in a glass of wine any time that you desire. It holds enough that you can purchase your wine while it is on sale, and enjoy saving money. It will also insure that if you have unexpected guests drop in you will have a sufficient amount of wine to serve them. This small wine cooler holds the perfect amount of wine for most homes.

You do not have to put refrigerant into the chilling container in order to make it blow cold air. Most of the refrigerants that have to be put into compressors on refrigeration systems is expensive, and requires a licensed air condition service technician to install. This unit does not require this refrigerant so it is friendlier to the earth, and the air we breathe. The appliance is low maintenance.


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There is an LED light on the interior portion of the refrigerated cabinet. The light serves two purposes. It illuminates the bottles with a soft glow and causes them to look more attractive behind the glass door of the cabinet. It also allows you to be able to read the labels when you are selecting a bottle of wine. You can shut the light off using a simple on/off switch so the light does not have to interfere with the lighting in the room it is located in.

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Wine Enthusiast 272 03 07 Silent 6 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Cooler – Black


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If you are a wine drinker you would probably love to have a dedicated small wine cooler that would keep your wine chilled properly, but would not take up a lot of space in your home. This six bottle wine cellar is the solution for everyone that wants the convenience of having wine chilled and ready at all times, without the hassle of creating a built in cabinet, or having to have a large place for the unit.

You might think that you have to buy a large refrigeration system for your wine storage in order to get the latest in technology, but that is not the case. This particular wine storage cabinet is quiet when it is operating, and it has the same advanced features that you will find on the much larger refrigerated cabinets.


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One of the new features that the majority of wine chilling boxes have is the touch screen control panels. We have all become accustomed to touching the screens on our smart phones to get the phone to do what we want it to do. This wine storage station allows you to simply touch a screen located on the front of the glass door and change the temperature of the interior portion of the wine cellar. It takes only one finger, and it is easy to reach, and there is a digital display showing the actual temperature so you do not have to guess whether you should raise or lower the temperature.

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Magic Chef MCWC6B 6-Bottle Wine Cooler

Small Wine Cooler

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There is a saying that states; “Love grows best in little houses”. That may very well be true, but it can be very hard to get all of the appliances that you desire to fit into little houses. Small houses, small apartments, and condominiums, can be a real challenge when you start to consider the luxury appliances that you might desire.

Wine drinkers who live in small houses are in luck, because this small wine cooler will sit on top of a cabinet, it is freestanding, and it does not take up a lot of space. It is about the size of a small microwave oven.

Inside this refrigerated wine box you can keep as many as six bottles of wine. It is designed to hold Bordeaux size wine bottles lying on their side. Keeping wine on its side is a way to keep the cork wet, and the wine protected. The wire shelves allow the cooled air inside the cabinet to reach all sides of the wine bottle so the bottle chills quicker, and remains chilled without causing the appliance to use too much energy.

This is a small unit, but it is huge on features, and technology. It has thermoelectric cooling so it operates very quietly. It does not produce a lot of vibration so it does not disturb the sediment inside the wine bottles. The shelves are sculpted so they snuggle the wine bottles and do not allow them to move when you open the door to the unit, or when you remove another bottle.

The temperature inside the cooling unit is adjustable from forty six degrees to sixty four degrees. Those temperatures make it possible for you to store either red wine or white wine.

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Benefits of Small Cooler

If you are in the market for a new refrigerator, know that you do not necessarily have to go with the typical standard size. If you live alone, have little extra space, or just need an extra fridge to add to your regular one, you can benefit from a small refrigerator. Find out the many uses for such an appliance.

Many people assume that just because they have the space available, they need to purchase a full size fridge. However, most people who live alone do not use the same amount of space for their food that a family does, which means that much of the refrigerated area is wasted. This can cause electricity bills that are higher than they need to be. Rather than pay the upfront cost for a regular sized fridge, and then pay for the electricity usage every month thereafter, consider purchasing a small refrigerator. You can choose from several sizes, all of which are less than 20 cubic feet, which is the minimum that most families have.  You can always upgrade later if you need to, and use the small refrigerator as an extra appliance.

Some people only have limited space in their house. Perhaps you live in a dorm or small apartment with a cramped kitchen. Filling a small residence with a large fridge does not usually make sense, especially if you live alone or with one roommate. If this is the case for you, consider small refrigerators. Most dorm rooms look great with a fridge that is anywhere from two to five cubic feet. Of course, you can purchase a larger one if it is needed, but most people in small residences find this to be the perfect size. An apartment with a small kitchen may be better off with a fridge that is under the traditional 20 cubic feet, as this can hold a lot of food without taking over the entire room.

If you already have a good sized kitchen fridge and just want an extra, a small refrigerator can be great for storing drinks and snacks that need to be kept refrigerated. You can keep it in your home office, den, or bedroom. Note that many small refrigerators fit perfectly under the counters, so figure out whether you want to do this before buying a fridge so that you can measure the space you have and you may use it as an under counter wine cooler. Keeping a small refrigerator somewhere other than your kitchen can help you and guests be as comfortable as possible, with constant access to cold beverages.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of people who live in economy size dwellings that could use a small wine cooler. Many people live in travel trailers and move from one scenic trailer park to another. These little wine chilling units allow those people to have the conveniences they have at home with them as they travel.

There are a lot of people who have large places to live, but they still do not want huge wine storage units inside their homes. These smaller versions of the refrigerated cabinets designed to house chilled wine, allow everyone to have the amount of wine they want on hand.

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