Danby DBC120BLS Stainless Steel Beverage Center Review

The Danby DBC120BLS Stainless Steel beverage center is a beer fridge that can be used in a private home, or in a commercial operation. This refrigeration system is a freestanding refrigerated cabinet that has a clear glass door so the contents inside the refrigerated cabinet are clearly visible without opening the door.

danby beverage center

Things I Love about this Stainless Steel Beverage Center

I like having a beverage cooler outside of my home so my friends and I can easily get a cold drink without going inside my house. The following features of this chilled beverage center make it perfect; in my opinion.

Recessed Side Mount Door Handle

The recessed side mount door handle on this beer refrigerator does not protrude so people do not bump into the handle as often. If you place the unit beneath a cabinet the recessed handle does not add to the depth of the device so it sits smoothly in line with the other cabinet components.

120 Can Capacity

I have a lot of friends who come by to watch sporting events and to play games, and just to sit around in my yard. I like to be able to have plenty of cold beverages on hand to serve my friends when they come to see me. This beer fridge holds up to one hundred and twenty average size beverage cans. With that many cans of chilled beverages, I am sure to have plenty of drinks to serve my guests.

danby beverage center stainless steel

This beer fridge sits in my garage so my friends and I do not have to go inside the house every time we want another can of soda or beer. This helps me keep my house cleaner, and it makes my household refrigerator not have to work as hard.

Tempered Glass Door Trimmed in Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a very hard metal that holds up to whatever task it is asked to perform. By using stainless steel to frame the door of this beer refrigerator the manufacturer created a door that will be long lasting.

By using stainless steel to frame the glass paneled door to the beer cooler the manufacturer effectively created an appliance that looks elegant in any décor. You do not have to worry about the appliance clashing with your kitchen decorations because stainless steel looks good with everything.

The glass panel of the door has been created using tempered glass. Tempered glass is regular soda glass that has been super heated, melted, and then reformed to make a glass that resists breaking. This is the same type of glass that is used to create window glass for automobiles. Tempered glass can be broken, but when it breaks it normally creates small pieces that do not pose a real threat to people. Glass that is not tempered can break into large pieces that can be life threatening in some situations. The tempered glass is also required if the unit is to be placed in a commercial setting.

danby dbc120bls beverage center


  • Holds one hundred and twenty twelve ounce beverage cans
  • Can be used commercially or in a private residence
  • Stainless steel trim on door
  • Interior light illuminates the cabinet whenever the door is opened
  • Tempered glass door
  • Freestanding cabinet
  • Comes with power cord
  • Recessed side mount door handle


  • The exhaust system of this beer chiller is in the back so it is difficult to install it as a built in appliance
  • The interior illumination light is not an LED source light fixture. The light may increase the temperature inside the cooling cabinet if it is left on.

danby dbc120bls beverage center stainless steel

Final Thoughts

I know that I wrote about the private residence usage of this beer cooler, but this is a unit that would work perfectly in a commercial situation. If you have a business that sells soft drinks, or would like to sell canned beverages, this is a great mini fridge for that purpose.

This cabinet is freestanding. You only need to place it on a flat surface that is level. It comes with a power cord attached so the installation is as simple as plugging the cord into an electrical outlet.

The clear glass door makes the contents of the cabinet visible so customers could see what beverages you have to offer. The customer would be able to choose their favorite drink before they open the tempered glass door. This feature would allow the beverages to stay cooler without the compressor of the refrigeration system having to work too hard.

The tempered glass would make the unit safe enough to have in a commercial situation. Most commercial establishments have strict safety measures they must take concerning every item the public has access to. The tempered glass is a type of safety glass so it would help the device to meet the stringent safety requirements.

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