Titan 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built In Wine Refrigerator


This dual zone built in wine Refrigerator will allow you to keep forty six bottles of your favorite wines on hand, and ready to consume. Because of the dual temperature zones, you will be able to keep both your red wines and your white wines, in the same cooling unit.

Features I Love About This Dual Zone Built In Wine Refrigerator

The following features are my favorite features on this Dual Zone built in wine refrigerator. It has many more features, these are simply the ones that stood out to me. Dual Zone Built In Wine Refrigerator

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Dual Zone Operation

The upper shelves are in the upper temperature zone of this refrigeration system. You can set the thermostat between forty degrees, and fifty four degrees, on these shelves. You can store about sixteen standard bottles of wine on these upper shelves. This is the coldest portion of the chilled cabinet. The lower portion of this beverage cooler will hold about thirty bottles of wine. The temperature range for this section is between fifty four degrees and sixty five degrees. The lower portion is the warmest portion, and that makes it the best place to keep red wines and complex red wines.

Clear Glass Door

There are a lot of cooling units that have gray, or other colored glass, on their doors. The colored glass is intended to work like your sunglasses work. The colored glass stops the ultraviolet rays of the sun from penetrating the appliance. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause the wine in the bottles to break down and spoil before the bottle is ever opened. Regular sunlight can cause the interior of the device to become warmer than you want it to be.

The problem with the colored glass doors is that they are not as easy to see through. I like the clear glass on the doors of this unit because the visibility is in no way diminished. Of course, the doors do have the black matrix dots to stop the damaging effects that ultraviolet light could cause. You get visibility and protection from the clear glass and matrix dots.

Built In Replaceable Carbon Filter

Having a replaceable carbon filter in your refrigeration unit assures that you are not going to get foul odors developing. The foul odors can build up when the appliance is left unopened for long periods of time because air starts to smell less enticing when it is trapped in one space for a long time with no fresh air added. The carbon filter eliminates any odor formation inside the cabinet. I do not understand why, but on many of these appliances that have carbon filters to eliminate odors, there is not a way for you to change the carbon filter. The ability to change the carbon filter means that your appliance will work better for a longer period of time. 46 Bottle Dual Zone Built In Wine Refrigerator

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White LED Lighting

Most people are familiar with blue LED lighting being used in refrigeration systems. The blue lighting is soft, it does not add heat to the inner portion of your appliance, and it looks beautiful. The problem with the blue LED lighting is that it does not produce enough light to help you really see the labels on your wine. The white LED lighting does not increase the temperature inside the refrigerator, but it does produce enough light to help you see which wine you are choosing. 


  • Built in replaceable carbon filter
  • Wooden roller shelves
  • Stainless steel trim on shelving
  • Can be installed as a freestanding unit
  • Front ventilation
  • White LED lighting
  • Touch panel digital temperature control
  • Clear glass door
  • Matrix dots on door to block ultraviolet light penetration
  • Auto defrost
  • Safety lock
  • On and off switch for the interior light
  • Digital temperature display


  • Door is not reversible without ordering another set of hinges

Final Thoughts

When you are comparing cooling systems like these, you must consider the type of wine that you drink the most often. Do you primarily drink white wines or red wines? If you drink a combination of both wines depending on your mood, or the meat you are serving that night, then you need to consider built in beverage coolers that have dual temperature zones to keep both red wines, and white wines chilled to perfection.

A built in wine refrigerator should help you to make the wines you like the most taste their very best each time you drink them. If you buy one of these systems that are only capable of maintaining one temperature then you can only chill one type of wine at a time. You also need to consider whether or not you can use the appliance you are purchasing as a freestanding unit, or if it must be placed under a cabinet for support.

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