Under Counter Wine Cooler Buying Guide 

Buying an wine cooler will become easy if you follow this under counter wine cooler buying guide, You should very careful because there are so many options available to you at this time. The problem is that when buying a wine fridge you want to get one that will chill the types of wine that you drink the most. You also want to get one you can afford, and one that is going to fit into your lifestyle and home decor. That is why you should take some time and read the options available to you, before you rush out and order the first small wine cooler you see.

Under Counter Wine Cooler Buying Guide [ Things to Consider Before Buying Wine Cooler ]

Single Zone versus Dual Zone

A single zone wine cooler chills the interior portion of the appliance to only one temperature. A dual zone wine fridge will chill the upper portion of the unit to one temperature, and the lower portion of the unit to another temperature.

If you simply like white wine then a single zone temperature control is perfect for your needs. If you like red wine and white wine then you want an appliance that can be chilled to two different temperatures.

Red wines are not supposed to be chilled as cool as white wines are so the dual temperature allows your reds to be chilled properly, and your whites to be cooler.

Vertical and Horizontal Storage

Almost everyone knows that unopened bottles of wine should be stored horizontally so the cork inside the bottle remains moist. If the cork gets dry it can shrink and that would allow air to get to the wine, and the air could cause the wine to spoil.

If you open a bottle you might want to put it back in the wine fridge, but you would prefer to stand the bottle upright so that there is no chance the liquid could escape.

A wine cooler that offers you the opportunity to store your wine vertically or horizontally gives you more freedom to have different size bottles in your collection. These units are worth the little extra that you might have to pay for them.

Double pane Glass Doors

When you place two panes of glass together air is trapped between the two panes. This air works like a sheet of insulation to help the interior portion of the unit to retain its temperature. A wine fridge with double pane glass doors can retain a better temperature with fewer changes.

Smoke Colored Glass

Smoke colored glass on the doors will allow the under counter wine cooler to help block the harmful UV light from penetrating your wine bottles. These colored doors could make your wine last a lot longer.

Size matters

You need to consider where you will place the wine cooler when it arrives. Measure the area you have to store the wine fridge in and then when you are shopping you can compare the size of the appliance, and the amount of space it will need between it and the wall.

Price Matters

The best wine fridge is one that will fit into the space you have available, and will fit the budget you have established. Set a budget that you can afford and shop for appliances that are within your price range.


You want to read all warranty and return information before you agree to buy an under counter wine cooler, or any other appliance. Make certain that if the unit is defective when you receive it the company will allow you to return it for another unit. Do not assume that this is the company policy. Find the warranty information and read it thoroughly before you buy.

If you still confused and couldn’t decide which one you should pick? Or any complain about this under counter wine cooler buying guide, I am happy to answer. Just leave a comment with your confusion or suggestions.

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