What is the Perfect Temperature for Wine?

If you are a new wine drinker then you may not know that different wines are stored at, and served at, different temperatures. Many people ask; “What is the perfect temperature for wine”, thinking that all wine is served at the same temperature. Your temperature will depend on the type of wine you are serving, and some of it will be regulated by your personal preferences.

Serving Wine

You should note that when you pour chilled wine into a glass the wine will begin to warm up. The length of time it will take the wine to get warm will be dependent on the temperature it was served at, the temperature of the glass it was poured into, and the temperature of the room.

If you pour warm wine into a warm glass the wine will continue to get warmer. If your wine was at the perfect temperature when you poured it, then within a few minutes the beverage will be too warm.

It is always best to chill your wine just a little below your perfect sipping temperature. Then as the wine warms in the glass it will become the perfect temperature for enjoying.

Quick Chilling

We all know that when you put a bottle of wine in an wine cooler it will take about two hours before the wine reaches the desired temperature. If you find yourself needing to chill some wine quickly then you can put the bottle into a bucket of iced water. The cold water method will chill your wine quicker than if you simply submerge the bottle in ice alone.

Using the iced water method you can chill a red wine in about ten minutes. It will take closer to thirty minutes for you to chill a bottle of Champagne to the perfect drinking temperature.

If you do not have a bucket of ice and water handy you can place a bottle of wine in the refrigerator freezer for about fifteen minutes. Do not leave the wine in the freezer any longer than this because the cork can be pushed out of the bottle as the liquid inside begins to freeze.

When your Wine is too cold

If you find that your bottle of wine has been chilled too long, then you can quickly warm it up by pouring it into a decanter that has been rinsed using hot water. Do not submerge the chilled wine bottle into hot water because you may cause the glass to break.

If the wine is just a little bit too cold then pour the liquid into the wine glasses and cup your hands around the bowl of the goblet. The heat from your hands will warm the liquid in the bowl.

Light dry White Wines

Always serve these wine varieties between forty and fifty degrees. For dessert wines the colder temperatures will keep the liquid from becoming too sweet.

Sparkling Wines

These wines are meant to be enjoyed at a temperature between forty and fifty degrees. The colder temperature increases the bubbles while reducing the amount of froth the wine gets.

Full Bodied White Wines

Typically you will want to serve these wine varieties at about fifty degrees, but they will taste good when served up to about sixty degrees.

Light, fruity red wines

These wines are best when served at fifty degrees to sixty degrees. This will bring out the richness of a Chardonnay. You will also find that a Beaujoais is more refreshing when served at around fifty five degrees.

Full bodied red wines

These wines should be served slightly cooler than the average room temperature. You want to serve them at a temperature between sixty degrees and sixty five degrees.

Cabernets or Ports

These wine varieties should be served at a temperature between sixty degrees and sixty five degrees. You want them warmer than they would be if you served them straight from a cellar.

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