Why Buy Small Wine Cooler?


A small wine cooler is a refrigerated cabinet that is used to chill bottles of wine. Some people might say that they do not understand why buy small wine cooler when you could chill a bottle of wine in your household refrigerator.

Still Thinking Why Buy Small Wine Cooler?

The household refrigerator is not the best place to chill bottles of wine because:

  • The temperature inside a household refrigerator is generally lower than the temperature you would like to serve your wine at
  • When you open the door to the household refrigerator you allow warm air to enter, and that causes the compressor to have to kick in and work to cool the fridge back down. If you go to the fridge several times to get glasses of wine you will possibly cause the food in the fridge to get too warm and to spoil
  • If you store your wine bottles in the household fridge you will be using space that is needed for food

A specialized refrigerating unit designed to store wine will allow you to have your beverage at the temperature you like for drinking. Serving wine at the proper temperature will increase your enjoyment. When wine is chilled correctly the flavor of the liquid is intensified. The aroma of the liquid is intensified, and your pleasure when you sip the beverage is intensified. If you like wine you will love wine that has been properly chilled.

Why Buy Small Wine Cooler

When chilling wine you should note that white wines are kept at colder temperatures than red wines are. If you serve a white wine at room temperature then you will not get the best of the wine. If you serve a red wine at a cold temperature then you will not get the entire intense flavor the liquid has. Complex red wines are generally chilled, but not gotten cold.

Dual zone wine refrigeration systems can keep the perfect temperature for white wines on some of its shelves while keeping the perfect temperature for red wines on the other shelves. These appliances allow you to keep both varieties of wine perfectly chilled for consumption in the same refrigerated cabinet. You cannot do that inside your household refrigerator.

Some wine storage units are designed to allow you to store the wine on its side so the cork does not dry out, but also has the ability to allow you to keep an opened bottle of wine in an upright position so the wine does not leak out. Most people cannot do this in their household refrigerator.

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