Whynter 17 Bottle Dual Zone Built In Wine Cooler

A Dual Zone Built In Wine Cooler is the perfect way to keep your libations at the right temperature for drinking. If you get complex red wines too cold they lose most of their aroma and a good bit of their taste. If you serve white wines while they are too warm they do not have their best flavor, and they can break down, and spoil quicker. Most people do not have a built in wine refrigerator, so they store their wine in their kitchen refrigerator, which is set at a temperature that is not right for either white wines, or red wines. A built in wine cooler can introduce you to the joy of drinking wine when it is at its best temperature, so it tastes it’s very best.

dual zone built in wine cooler

The dual temperature zone of this appliance allows you to keep a wider variety of wines ready to drink. You can enjoy all wine varieties, and keep all of them at the best temperature, without having two separate appliances to store them in.

I fell in love with the alarm buzzer designed into this cooling system. The alarm buzzer alerts you to when the door is not closed properly, or to when someone is opening the door to the unit.

Features I Love about this Dual Zone Built-In Wine Cooler

It is safe to say that I am impressed, and in awe, of this cooling system. The following features are a large reason why I like this device.

Dual Zone

The dual zone of the unit is divided into an upper section and a lower section. You can store six bottles of wine in the top of the unit at one temperature, and eleven bottles of wine in the bottom at another temperature. The majority of people who drink wine like both red wines, and white wines. Most wine drinkers know that simple red wines, and white wines, are best served at colder temperatures than you would serve a complex red wine at. Having a dual temperature zone inside the built-in wine fridge allows you to store each variety of wine at the proper temperature for optimum flavor, aroma, and longevity.

Door Ajar Buzzer

Sometimes when I go to my refrigerator to get something out I discover that the door was not completely closed, and the things inside the refrigerator, are not as cold as they should be. Sometimes this happens because the bottom drawer of the refrigerator was not closed properly, and sometimes it happens because things were not put in the refrigerator properly, but every time it happens it is annoying.

That will never happen to you with this appliance because this it has an alarm that sounds if the door is not shut properly. I wish my refrigerator had an alarm buzzer like this one does. It would make things easier for me. It would also stop foods from being spoiled because the door was not sealed tightly.

Compact Size

The width of this cabinet is only twelve inches. That makes it possible to use it in many different places where other appliances were previously. Many people have removed old trash compactors and installed one of these units in the empty spot left under their cabinet. It is small enough to be used in a dorm room, or in a shared room environment.


  • Can support seventeen standard wine bottles
  • Has dual zone temperature control
  • Can be installed freestanding
  • Can be installed as an under the counter appliance
  • Buzzer warns when door is left ajar
  • Digital temperature display
  • Blue LED lighting inside
  • Double paned glass doors
  • Sliding shelves
  • Front ventilation
  • Seamless glass door
  • Frost free
  • Compact size


  • Some assembly required
  • Door is not reversible

Final Thoughts

A small miniature refrigerator is perfect for people who live in dorm rooms or people who share a house with other people. This size cooling unit is also perfect for one, or two people, who drink wine. You do not need a giant place to store your chilled wine, and this compact sized appliance proves that good things come out of small spaces.

This built in wine refrigerator has all of the features that the larger wine refrigerators have. It is quiet while it is running, it has dual zone control so you are not limited to red wines or white wines, you can chill both properly, and it has double panes of tempered glass, creating a door that is resistant to ultraviolet light. The double glass panes add to the strength of the door as well. You will not worry about the glass being easily broken.

Danial Jones

Danial lives in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, a medium-sized dog, and an attack cat. Before he started writing wine fridge And cooler related articles, he experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog-training etc. But his favorite job is the one he’s now doing full time — writing articles.

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