Whynter 18 Bottle Built in Wine Refrigerator BWR – 18SD

Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

The Whynter BWR-18SD 18 bottle built in wine refrigerator is one of the finest built in wine coolers that I have had the privilege of reviewing. This appliance is priced affordably, it has all of the finest features, and it does the job it is supposed to do.

This built in wine fridge made my favorites list of these type of appliances because of the features it has, and the quality craftsmanship that goes into the construction of it.

Features I Love about this Built in Wine Refrigerator

Whenever I shop for an item I always have some features in mind that I want the item to have. Whenever I bring the item home and use it for a few days I often find that I am less impressed by the features I thought I would love, and more impressed by other features the item has. The following features of this built in wine cooler have impressed me.

Tempered Double Pane Gray Smoked Glass

Tempered glass is shattered resistant. It is hardened glass like the glass that is used to create automobile windows, and glass entry doors. This glass can be broken, but it is harder to break than ordinary soda glass is. When tempered glass is broken; it will shatter into a lot of small pieces so there is less of a chance that someone could be injured or severely cut by a large shard of glass. I like tempered glass in my home because of the safety factors.

Whynter BWR-18SD 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

The glass is gray in color to diffuse the damaging properties of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ultraviolet rays can cause the wine to break down. The gray color keeps the ultraviolet rays from entering the interior portion of the built in wine refrigerator and this protects the wine stored there.

This beverage cooler has glass doors created out of two panes of glass rather than one. The two panes of glass on the door provide extra insulation so the internal temperature of the refrigerator is not affected as greatly by the external temperature of the room. In order for a refrigeration system to maintain a proper temperature, it must be adequately insulated. Air is trapped between the two glass panes of the door and this increases the insulation factor.

Digital Read-Out Temperature Control

The digital display of the temperature will leave no doubt as to whether your wine is being kept at the precise temperature you desire. The digital display reads the exact temperature of the interior. There are simple buttons that you press to raise or lower the temperature. Your built in wine fridge will maintain a constant temperature of between forty degrees and sixty five degrees, so you can store either red or white wines.

Whynter 18 Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator

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Fan Circulate Air

If you have a still air cooling device your drinks will be kept cool, but you will find that some areas of a still air unit have a lower temperature than other areas. The warmer spots inside these appliances occur because they are farther away from the vent that allows the cooled air to enter the appliance. The fan circulates air in this unit helps to keep every bottle of wine stored in it at the same temperature by eliminating hot or cold spots inside the unit. The fan pushes the air and moves it around each bottle of wine so they are perfectly chilled whether they are on the top rack or the bottom rack.


  • Double pane glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Gray smoke glass for UV protection
  • Digital temperature control
  • Blue LED interior lighting
  • Security lock with a key
  • Fan circulated air for even cooling
  • Temperature range from forty degrees to sixty five degrees
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Seven chrome racks for optimum storage
  • Front ventilation
  • May be mounted under a cabinet or used as a freestanding unit
  • Low noise
  • Does not require a lot of space


  • Some assembly may be required

Final Thoughts

This compact sized wine cooler works perfectly in small apartments, or under the wet bar in large recreation rooms. It keeps the beverages stored in it at the precise temperature that you desire, and it is quiet enough that you hardly notice it running. I highly recommend this built in wine fridge to anyone who enjoys a chilled glass of wine. It holds eighteen bottles easily so you can stock up on your favorite wine, and take advantage of sale prices, or just be ready whenever company drops in unexpectedly.

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