WineOvation WNO-01 Powered Wine Opener Gun Silver

Sometimes you simply need to have some fun, and fun is what this novelty electric wine opener provides. It sits whimsically on your bar, or countertop, and when you are ready to open a bottle of wine you whip it out of its holster and put it to use. Your friends will be delighted watching you pistol whip the corks from your wine bottles. Sometimes you just have to have fun.


WineOvation WNO-01 Powered Wine Opener Gun - Silver

Features I love about this Wine Opener

The following things make me love this automatic wine bottle opener.

Fun Shape

I like the novelty item because it is shaped like a pistol. It catches people’s eye when you drag it out and it instantly starts a conversation among you and your guests. I believe that the cute pistol shape makes this novelty electric wine opener especially great to give to any hunters on your gift list.

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The electric can opener is cordless and is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. I like to do things and use things that help preserve our environment and using rechargeable batteries does that.

Rubberized Charging Base and Handle

The rubberized charging base and handle help you to keep your grip on this novelty item. The black rubberized handle is comfortable to hold and adds a look of realism to the pistol shaped wine bottle opener. The rubberized charging base sits firmly on your countertop and keeps the pistol from slipping out of position.


  • Can be purchased in other colors like hot pink
  • It is unique and is a conversation starter
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to hold in one hand
  • Big enough to look realistic
  • Removes synthetic corks


  • The novelty gun electric wine opener is loud, but then pistols are not quiet either
  • The charging unit is not universal and will require an adapter to be used with European electrical currents

Final Verdicts

This electric wine opener with holster shaped charging base is one of the cutest electric wine openers that I have seen. It operates very well and people love to see it in action. You place the barrel of the “gun” over the cork in the wine bottle and pull the trigger to activate. Your guest will love the action. I think this makes a great gift for hunters who love wine, or people who love novelty items, or gun lovers. This wine opener will help keep you young at heart.

Danial Jones

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