AKDY 32 BTL Single Zone Electric Wine Bottle Chiller

Wine Bottle Chiller

Collecting wines that you love requires you to have a place to store those bottles. Some wines, like the deep red complex wines are best when stored and served at room temperature. Other wines, like whites, and Merlot’s, are flavor enhanced when they are chilled. The chilling brings out the complex tastes of the fruit and allow you to thoroughly enjoy the flavors of the wine.

A home wine cooler allows you to keep your wine collection at the temperature that is best for it. With a home wine cooler, you always have your wine handy, and ready, for consumption.

AKDY 32 BTL Single Zone Electric Wine Bottle Cooler

Features I love about this Wine Cooler

32 Bottle Capacity

This wine cooler can hold thirty two bottles of wine. That gives you plenty of room to have some bottles ready to drink, and some bottles aging for a later date.


The LED lighting inside the cooler allows you to display your prized possessions, but LED lighting is not harmful to the wine. You probably have heard to keep wine in a dark place. That is to protect the wine from UV light.

AKDY 32 BTL Single Zone Electric Wine Bottle Chiller Cooler

Precise Temperature Control

Chilling wine requires that you keep the wine at specific temperatures. If it is too cold, or too warm, the flavor is compromised. The digital temperature control panel on this cooler gives you accurate control. The LED display lets you always know what the temperature of the unit is.


The design of this wine cooler incorporates a silver cabinet with a door trimmed in stainless steel. This is a modern and attractive design.

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  • Has adjustable shelves so you can store larger wine bottles
  • Large capacity
  • Double insulated doors


  • Has a temperature difference of five degrees between top and bottom rack
  • Temperature often raises or lowers a couple of degrees with no warning
  • Slightly taller than advertisement claims it to be

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Final Words 

This is an excellent wine cooler. It is attractive so you will not mind having it out for everyone to see. It showcases your wines, and it keeps the wines chilled to a ready to drink temperature so you can enjoy a glass whenever you like.

I love the fact that it holds so many bottles of wine, but that it also has adjustable shelves for those times when you have slightly larger bottles you need to chill.

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