EdgeStar 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel and Black

This built in wine cooler is big enough to be used by catering services, small restaurants, and other commercial establishments that have the need to keep around one hundred bottles of wine chilled.

EdgeStar CWR1101DZ 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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This built in wine cooler might be too large for the average homeowner, but for people who throw large dinner parties, or people who like to buy their wines by the case, this is the perfect built in wine fridge.

Features I Love about this Built in Wine Cooler

I like that this built in wine refrigerator has plenty of features that allow it to look attractive in my home while it is keeping such a large quantity of wine chilled. The following features made this appliance an outstanding choice in my opinion.

Two Independently Controlled Temperature Zones

The independently controlled temperature zones of this built in wine fridge make it one of the best cooling units on the market. I am partial to cooling systems for beverages that have dual temperature controls like this one.

In most dual temperature zone systems one of the zones will be a lot smaller than the other zone. In this unit each zone is proportioned the same so you can easily house fifty five bottles of chilled red wine in one zone, and fifty five bottles of chilled white wine in the other zone.

There is a digital control pad in each zone of the appliance so you can adjust the temperature according to the type of wine you are keeping in that section. There is a digital display of the temperature so you can monitor it and make adjustments as needed. The temperature settings do not go low enough to chill soda to an adequate temperature.

The upper section of the built in wine refrigerator can be kept between forty one and fifty four degrees. This is the section of the built in beverage cooler that will be great for white wines, and less complex red wine varieties. The lower section can be kept between fifty four degrees, and sixty four degrees, and that makes it perfect for keeping red wines, because the red wines should be served warmer than white wines.


If you have ever heard a noisy refrigerator kicking on, and off, then you will be able to appreciate the quiet, and smooth, operation of this device. A noisy operating unit can actually awaken you when the compressor kicks on, but this mini fridge runs quietly, and works efficiently.

Reversible Door

Having a refrigerated cooling cabinet with a reversible door means that you have an appliance that fits into your kitchen the way you want it to without your having to make concessions for the appliance. I hate to get an appliance that has a door that opens and blocks a walk area. With the reversible door on this device that will not be a problem for you.

Low Vibration

The rubber bushings on the compressor of this machine help to keep it quiet when it is in operation. The rubber bushings also help to keep the appliance from vibrating. When an appliance holding bottles of wine vibrates, it can stir the sediment in your wine bottles. When the sediment is disturbed it can ruin the flavor of the wine.


  • Two independently controlled temperature zones
  • Stainless steel trimmed slide out shelves
  • Digital LED temperature display
  • Blue LED lighting on interior
  • Tinted glass door
  • Auto defrost
  • Quiet operation
  • Can be used freestanding


  • Slide out shelves do not accommodate larger size wine bottles

Final Thoughts

A large built in cooling system allows you to have ample bottles of wine for any gathering you are having. Wedding receptions and large gatherings like that, often require large amounts of wine to be served. With a cooling cabinet that can hold one hundred and ten bottles of wine you will have enough wine for such an event.

If you do not have an electric cooling cabinet to store the wine for large parties then you have to store the wine in buckets of ice. When you do this the wine is never properly chilled and you either wind up with too much wine having been chilled or too little wine chilled. When too much wine has been chilled you will have to keep the remainder chilled or the wine can spoil and if too little wine has been chilled then you will have to make people wait while you chill more. A mini fridge designed to properly chill wine assures that no one waits for a glass of wine, and no wine is spoiled unnecessarily.

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