HOMEIMAGE Thermo Electric Wine Cooler for 12 Bottles

Wine Cooler for 12 Bottles

If you like to drink wine then you know that there are times when you do not consume all of the wine in a bottle at one time. When this happens it is a shame to throw out a portion of the bottle because your small wine fridge will only allow you to store your bottles horizontally.

HOMEIMAGE Thermo Electric Wine Cooler for 12 Bottles

Horizontal storage means that the unopened bottles of wine will retain moist corks that stop air from reaching the liquid in the bottle. Once opened the bottle needs to be stored vertically to keep the liquid from seeping out past the cork. This small wine cooler gives you that option.

Features I Love about this Wine Cooler for 12 Bottles

Optional Storage

Whenever you can find a wine cooler that allows you to store opened bottles upright you get a wine cooler that allows you more pleasure from your wine. With the vertical storage capacity you also gain the ability to store taller bottles of wine, or fatter bottles of wine.

HOMEIMAGE Thermo Electric Wine Cooler for 12 Bottles

Very Quiet Appliance

This wine fridge runs so quietly that you will not realize it is in the room most of the time. You do not hear humming motor sounds or the vibrations of fans shutting on and off during operation.

Recessed Handle

The design of the glass door with the recessed handle makes the entire unit look more modern. It fits well with any décor style, and the recessed handle does not get bumped because it does not protrude into the room.

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  • Accommodates taller wine bottles
  • Small in size so it does not take up much space
  • Stylish design is attractive enhancement to any room
  • Lightweight


  • Programming can be difficult to understand
  • Interior light is easily turned on when you do not intend to
  • Temperature fluctuates with the room temperature it is in

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Final Words 

If you want a small, sleek, wine fridge, for storing your wines then I recommend this one. It is amazing to look at, it has all of the features that you desire, and it allows you to store tall bottles, short bottles, and open bottles. This is the cooler to have.

An under counter wine cooler allows you to protect the investment you make in your wine collection. You do not want to put off opening a bottle of wine simply because you cannot drink it all at one sitting. This wine cooler allows you to pour a glass and chill the rest.

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