Whynter 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

I believe that all built in wine coolers should be dual zoned appliances. There are very few people who only drink red wines, or only drink white wines. The two different wines are kept at different temperatures, so the built in wine refrigerator they are placed in should be constructed to keep red wines, and white wines, chilled to their perfect temperature.

Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator 28-Bottle

This 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator unit is small enough to fit in any home, and yet large enough to let you plan a big party, or let you take advantage of a price sale you find on your favorite wines. I highly recommend this device to anyone that likes to have a bottle of wine on hand, and ready to drink.

Features Of This 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator​

I love this wine cooler. It has all of the features that I think are important, plus it has several features I did not know were so important until I purchased the appliance. I always say that if you give an appliance two months it will show to you what its best features are, and what its worst features are. The following are some of the features that I did not realize I would love until I already had the built in wine fridge purchased, and now I do not know how I would live without them.

28 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator

Five Removable Shelves

Most wine drinkers know that all wine bottles are not the same height or circumference and most built in wine coolers have fixed shelves that will accommodate only one size wine bottle. If you buy your wine in larger bottles then they cannot be placed in your mini wine fridge.

​Whynter created shelves in this 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator that can be removed. The removable shelving allows you to customize the interior of your unit so that it will hold the bottles of wine that you like to drink. In my opinion this makes the appliance a better buy for everyone because it will benefit everyone.

Dual Temperature Zones

Dual temperature zones are not necessary in a refrigeration system if you never plan to have both red wines, and white wines, inside the cabinet at the same time. We all know that red wines, and white wines, are not served at the same temperature. Red wines are kept warmer than white wines so the chilling does not interfere with the integrity of the wine.

dual zone built in wine refrigerator 28 bottle

This cooling unit can hold ten bottles of wine in the upper portion, or upper zone. That would be ten standard size bottles. If you remove any shelves the device will naturally hold fewer bottles of wine. The lower portion is larger, and can accommodate eighteen standard wine bottles.

The appliance has adjustable thermostat controls for each of the temperature zones. Your red wines can be warmer, and your white wines can be colder. You can also use this built in beverage cooler to place soda, or beer, in one zone, and wine in another zone. The dual temperature zone opens a lot of options up to you so you can customize your appliance.​

Malfunction Warning System

It is very sad when you go to the refrigerator to retrieve a bottle of wine, and discover that the appliance has malfunctioned, and the wine has gotten warm. Having your wine chilled, and then allowing it to warm up, can cause the wine to spoil. With this mini-fridge there is a malfunction warning buzzer. If the appliance is not keeping the temperature that you programmed it to keep the alarm sounds to alert you so that you can make the changes needed before your wine is compromised.


  • Tempered glass doors, Double pane.
  • Malfunction warning system
  • Temperature memory on warning system
  • Sabbath mode on warning system
  • Five removable shelves
  • Lighted interior with on and off switch
  • Security lock that is key operated
  • Reversible door
  • Can be used as a built in wine fridge or a freestanding unit
  • Adjustable thermostat for each zone
  • Front facing forced air ventilation
  • Slide out shelving for convenience


  • Some assembly required

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Final Thoughts

I believe that the alarm system for when the built in wine cooler malfunctions is an important feature that all built in wine coolers should have. If the temperature inside this 28 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator gets too warm, then it alarms to notify you. Temperatures can rise if there is a malfunction, but temperatures can rise if the door to the chilled cabinet is not closed properly as well. This alarm may very well save you a lot of money and frustration.

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